Start Your Journey Towards Self-Discovery With James Barmore's Debut EP

From Michigan to North Hollywood, singer-songwriter, producer, and recording artist James Barmore releases his smooth-sailing debut 8-track EP entitled 'Lavender.'

With Motown and Motorcity in his roots, James Barmore's artistic career led him to perform alongside acts like Usher, John Legend, and Jason McGee. He's also been featured on televised award shows beside Chance the Rapper and music videos with Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson. James Barmore recently released his debut EP, 'Lavender,' which is said to bring listeners on a journey of self-reflection.

Beginning our journey into the project, we're met with the introductory track, "Lavender (Introlude)." The one-minute interlude type-piece opens with a distant wave crashing on the shore while James Barmore makes his vocal appearance, offering what sounds like the introduction to a relaxing spa or vacation. He continues inviting us to let loose and relaxed while we mentally and physically explore ourselves on a new path of self-discovery. Alongside a tender and relaxing piano melody, the song makes its way to the end while allowing us to sit back, relax, and enjoy the artistic journey ahead.

Onto the second track, "Be Alright (feat. Aankha Neal)," the song gently opens with a lush acoustic guitar melody and James Barmore's soft vocal stylings that ask why someone is crying and wondering how he can mend their heart. As the angelic and transcendent vocal stylings of Aankha Neal join the party, we're instantly transported into a refreshing and passionate atmosphere. We adore the brilliant and soothing dynamic between James Barmore and Aankha Neal, as their vocal stylings are wildly complementary while serenading our ears with haunting melodies and chilling harmonies.

The same static that cuts off the previous track opens the third tune, "Perspective (feat. Day1Antonio)." Alongside a plucky bassline and crisp hi-hats, James Barmore jumps into this energetic and feel-good tune with his refreshing vocals that sing of doing his deeds and dirty work and enjoying his new perspective on life. We love the song's r&b and upbeat feel, as it adds the perfect bright aspect to lighten our listening experience. As Day1Antonio jumps into his tight and exciting bars, he delves into themes of protecting himself and standing his ground when the haters come around. As James Barmore's lush vocals lead us to the song's end, we're left feeling revitalized after listening to this soul-soothing hit.

Reaching the project's halfway point with "Fredricks Playlist," this is another spoken word interlude type-piece that reminds us to focus on our listening experience and attempts to bring us back onto our journey of self-discovery. The sonics open with a twinkling synth melody alongside samples of birds chirping in the background. As James Barmore continues to deliver his thorough spoken-word piece, he leaves us feeling all the more inspired to continue our journey towards healing throughout the entire EP at hand.

The same synth melody transforms into a sparkling electric guitar on the fifth track, "Senses," the first full-length song that features no one besides James Barmore himself. As a snappy and quick drum beat begins pouring through our speakers, James Barmore makes his breathy vocal appearance while serenading us with his chilling stylings that amplify the song's soul and passion. We love the song's blend of r&b and pop, as the modern production techniques merged with James Barmore's melisma makes for an alluring and intriguing listening experience. We can't get enough of his smooth harmonies and vocal production, as it perfectly rounds out the entire song to offer this chilling and deeply passionate adventure.

Another solo track comes to light on the EP's sixth space, "Damn," where we're met with a snazzy percussion arrangement, jazzy keyboard melodies, and James Barmore's lush and warm vocals. As he begins to lyrically depict someone's alluring ways, he falls into his passionate lyrical theme of devoting his love to someone who gives everything he could ever want. This song is a beautiful blend of soothing jazz and passionate r&b, as the production and groovy instrumentals leave us tapping our feet to each and every beat. We adore the unhindered passion and life that James Barmore delivers in this single, as it brings us that much closer to closing our journey of self-discovery.

Slowing it down with the eighth track, "Navy, Purple, Champagne," the song peacefully kicks off with an old-school r&b drum arrangement at a soothing and downtempo pace. Once James Barmore's airy vocal stylings appear, he's accompanied by a lush synth arrangement that leaves us focussed on his glimmering and ghostly vocal harmonies. As he continues singing of being swooned by someone's presence and yearning for their warm embrace, James Barmore offers the utmost passionate performance while thanking the powers above for gracing him with such a profound love. This song is the perfect modern-day ballad, as it captures everything from love to lust merely within four minutes and seventeen seconds.

Landing on the EP's outro track, "Damn (Remix)," this track was produced by the stylings of Durand Bernarr, who transformed the original track into an upbeat and snappy r&b banger. We love the song's natural energy, especially as Bernarr drenches our speakers in his glimmering synth melodies alongside James Barmore's soulful vocal stylings, as it makes for a unique and stand-out experience. As Bernarr begins vocalizing, he uses his unique stylings to pour immense amounts of lust and passion over our speakers while channeling powerhouse r&b acts of the early 00s. As the song comes to a close, so does the entire EP, allowing us to sit back and reflect on the thorough listening experience that James Barmore has graced us with.

Continue your journey to self-discovery with help from James Barmore's 8-track EP, 'Lavender,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Great to have you with us at BuzzMusic James, and congratulations on the release of your debut 8-track EP, 'Lavender.' When did you begin writing lyrics and melodies for this project? Did it take a long time to complete the EP?

Major Gratitude! I actually came up with the EP title a year to two years before actually writing the first song "Damn" for the project over the pandemic last year. Lavender was intended to be released in August of 2020, but I pulled the project from release because it wasn't ready. This was a tough decision but a necessary one. From initial writing until finishing and releasing I'd say it took about two and half years altogether. Did you have any producers hop on board to help with the production and sonic arrangements in the EP 'Lavender?'

YES! Taking the extra year to work on Lavender was a chance to open myself as an artist and allow other artists and producers to collaborate and support me with the project. This was KEY for the result you hear in Lavender. MAJOR shoutout to the tribe! Markus Shields who co-produced and wrote, Canyon Root: co-produced, engineered, mixed/ mastered, Paris Shenae: engineer, mix/master, Aankha Neal: Featured artist, vocal arranger for 'be alright', Day1Antonio: Featured artist, Writer, Durand Bernarr: Featured Artist, and writer, Aaron The Poet: Writer, Heset Pannell: engineer, mix/master. Forgive me, I know you asked for producers but I had to get everyone. What inspired the overall self-discovery concept within the EP 'Lavender?'

Just being transparent with my life and journey honestly, I know it's cliche to say but artists are storytellers in putting their lives on display for audible and visible consumption. We hope that our messages and in this case, my self-discovery concept is heard clearly and resonates with the listener. Outside of that, I'm just a very deep feeler and introspective when it comes to myself, and that reflects in any form of art that I create. The task has been being able to take these concepts and make them digestible for my current and future audiences. Did you have any artistic influences or genres in mind when creating the EP 'Lavender?'

This is a fun question! Absolutely! I was listening to a hell of a lot of lo-fi via youtube for the overall soft/plush pallet that I created for the project overall and with my vocal arrangements throughout the project. I also pulled from the supergroup Moonchild and both their music catalog, influence, and music theory, seeing them live before the pandemic changed my LIFE! Genres? Jazz, Soul, and R&B are some of the foundations I had in mind when creating Lavender.

What did you want your audience to experience after listening to 'Lavender?' What did you want them to take away from the entire EP?

I would like the audience to experience something of an audible sigh of relief after listening to Lavender, I want them to feel refreshed and peaceful. It's been said recently that anyone who listens to the project should "grab a glass of wine, turn on the project, and dance in the mirror" definitely some #SelfCareSunday vibes no #Insecure #IssaRaeVibes. I would like my audience to take away being able to find moments of pause in our everyday lives, to know that as much as we go through and grow through that it's okay to acknowledge all parts of your journey, those sad, happy, sexy, heartfelt, celebratory moments because they create who we are. I wish them safety, support, and Love, because they ARE safe, supported, and loved.