Stilla Places The ‘Motions’ In Emotions

Hailing from Australia, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Stilla merges her insightful lyrical take on the world with dreamy pop textures to create her unique sound. Crafting her lane in pop music with her distinctive writing style and luminous vocals, listeners get to pick up on the spirit and charisma that is custom to Stilla.

Debuting with her EP titled ‘Motions,’ this collection of four cover songs plays into the natural storytelling abilities that Stilla prides herself on as an artist. With renditions that speak to her soul, she aims to put her twist on the classic records as she collaborates with producer and instrumentalist Cam Noble to bring life to each masterpiece.

Emphasizing emotion and underlining the specific, sentimental journey that Stilla has embarked on, we begin this project with the melodic hues that come swaying in from their 1975 rendition of “Somebody Else.” Joining forces and crafting a soundscape that sits in the realm of Contemporary R&B, the angelic timbres of Stilla delicately caress your heart as you take in the full composition in all of its glory. With the attention to detail being prominent in the instrumentation, percussion patterns that are reminiscent of a heartbeat pulsating steers this wistful record. Already seeing mass success as “Somebody Else” previously came out to anticipate listeners for the full project, this introduction to ‘Motion’ has us propelling in the right direction.

Following the slow tempo and rhythmic groove that has set the bar, “About You Now” is the second single presented to us and may sound familiar due to the original hailing from Sugababes. Performing with poise and grace, the effortlessness that glimmers from Stilla’s passionate croons fills our hearts with emotion. Touring us through her wide vocal range, Cam Noble has us embracing the minimalism that floats into our speakers throughout the therapeutic framework instilled into the musical foundation we hear. Unifying with a euphoric release that is felt far and wide, the beauty that is “About You Now” has us wrapped in the opulence of artistic vulnerability.

Paying tribute to a band that has all rooms stop and rejoicing in their melodies, Stilla and Cam Noble progress through ‘Motions’ with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” A rendition filled with ease trickles through our speakers as we feel the soul propelling through every note performed. The intimacy that is showcased has us clasping onto the striking fundamentals that lie within the act of following your dreams and reaching success in the many forms it comes in. Hearing the dynamism between how Stilla and Cam Noble work so seamlessly together only enhances this masterpiece that much more. Running through our minds with purpose, the feathery vocal performance and ambient soundscape make for a new favorite track of ours.

With angst that used to pump through us when the All American Rejects very own “Gives You Hell” would come on, we now channel that into the therapy session that is the final track found on ‘Motions.’ Stilla embracing the true nature of the song, we admire the 80’s like approach in the airy synths that Cam Noble infuses into the sonic voyage of this cover. Amplifying specific parts of the instrumentation as Stilla picks up the energy and continues to pour her heartrending tenors in various ways, this is the perfect send-off to the debut of Stilla.

Providing listeners with a solid grasp of Stilla’s artistry, we promise you that you won’t be able to get her angelic timbres out of your mind. Find ‘Motions’ on all digital streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Stilla. Thank you for sharing your debut EP, 'Motions' with us. You and Cam Noble make such a magnificent team. How did this collaboration come to be, and what was it like working with one another to send out your vision?

Cam and I had previously been a part of several musical endeavors together, and after working so well together, a collaboration wasn't far behind. The purpose behind 'Motions' was to introduce my sound to the world and convey my artistry by putting my own spin on songs that were familiar to listeners. Working with a musician as talented as Cam made creating my vision very easy, often bouncing off each other's ideas in the studio and enjoying every minute of the process.

What is the reasoning behind picking these specific tracks to showcase? As a natural-born storyteller, did you find that you were able to communicate these pieces the way you wanted to?

'Motions' came together very organically and spontaneously. The songs were chosen and recorded in the order that they were released, and we decided on the title when we realized that each of the songs highlights a different emotional journey. The EP began with the releasing a rendition of 1975's 'Somebody Else,' then three follow-up tracks to complete the EP; 'About You Now,'' Don't Stop Believin', and finally 'Gives You Hell.' I wanted to really focus on the emotion behind the lyrics in each song to tell that story in a different light, which informed my vocal performance and Cam's production decisions.

Have you been working on any original content that we can expect from you anytime soon? What do we have in store?

YES! My debut single, 'Won't Work Out,' is scheduled for release in December this year! It's a song about how some relationships won't work out even you want them to. I wrote it earlier this year and can't wait for people to hear it finally. Into the new year, with a fantastic team around me, I will be continuing to release more original content.

With each artist being different, what are the top three things you need by your side to create?

I believe I can be creative no matter what. If anything, I need creativity as my outlet in life. However, I think certain things can lead to optimal creativity. For me, late nights are when I create best. So, I would have to say late nights, an instrument, and some form of inspiration or experience to base my writing off.

What do you hope that your audience can take away from 'Motions?'

I hope there's a song on there for any mood and something that they can relate to. Each song conveys something different emotionally, and at times we can be feeling all these things at once. So, listening through the EP, I hope that it's an outlet for them to just be in the moment and embrace how they are feeling. I also hope that they have gotten a taste of my artistry and are excited to hear more because the best is yet to come!