Stone Fruit Intricate Sound Moves You into New Dimensions with “Defy the Time”

The London based music duo, Stone Fruit, is undeniably creating game-changing sounds! Consisting of Valentini and Lef, thegroup writes, records, and produce their own music. They ave released their single titled “Defy The Time”, an atmospheric and emotionally moving song. What’s really neat about this song was how the production gave me a classic vibe that I’d hear in Sade’s music. I’d play this song on my radio during any activity that requires relaxation and peace. “Defy The Time” had a time-traveling arrangement that elevated you into a setting that you can vividly create with your imagination. Stone Fruit has the mellifluous vocals and quality resonance that you can’t help but love. You become super absorbed in “Defy The Time”. Not only were the lyrics well-written, but the passion was well-executed. You connect with this single due to its warm texture that invites you in.

“Defy The Time” was an invigorating single that creates this perfect escape element for you to become lost within the music. “Defy The Time” has this special effect on its listener that will serve as memorable and unforgiving. The vocal delivery by Stone Fruit was soft yet dynamic. They didn’t need powerful belts and off the wall vocal arrangements for you to still feel the impact of the song. Instead, their soothing yet augmented presentation through their vocals gave you a more intricate and out of the ordinary experience that you will appreciate much more.

You can listen to this elemental record, “Defy The Time” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Stone Fruit! Talk to us about your upbringing. How has it been growing up and when did you come to find that music was your calling?

Thanks for having us! We both grew up in north Greece and were involved in music activities from a young age. When we were 15-16 years old, we started performing in bands and this was the time that we truly started experiencing the soothing and at the same time exciting process of writing music and performing. We were both lucky to have the support of our families and as we were reaching adulthood, music became a more conscious career option.

“Defy The Time” was a beautiful single. What are some influences in this record musically? We heard some classic sounds in both the vocal arrangement and instrumentation that we loved!

Thanks! We always find this question difficult because we both have a very diverse taste in music and we get constantly inspired by different genres and an array of artists. Essentially, what you hear is an amalgamation of all those influences. However, ‘Defy the Time’ has been influenced by artists, such as NAO, Jessie Ware, and Tom Misch.

What are some of the challenges you may have stumbled upon in the creative process for “Defy The Time” and how did you overcome it?

Both of us, have worked with different people and artists over the years and although we have been blessed with effective collaborations, we are constantly amazed at how effortlessly and naturally we work together. The writing, arranging and eventually the production of new music is truly a fun process! The only difficulty we have is finding more time to spend in the studio. Luckily, we always find a way to overcome this! Being organized helps massively.

The lyrics were highly poetically written in “Defy The Time”. What was the meaning behind the lyricism and how were you able to personally relate?

We prefer not to give a “solution” or an explanation. This is not only to maintain the mystery but mainly give our listeners the freedom to draw upon their own life experiences to interpret the lyrics and find the link between their emotions and our music. This is when a true connection is created between the artist and the listener and that is our wish when we release a new song. However, it just so happens that the title of the song is related to your previous question. At this point in our lives, we need to find ways to ‘defy the time’ and work more on our project! Generally, time flies and it can take you by surprise so this song acts as a constant reminder that if you do not want to miss out, you need to actively try and catch the moment.

What’s next for you in 2020 Stone Fruit?

We currently have a lot of songs in the making so will keep releasing more new music. We hope to embark on our first tour soon in order to further grow our fanbase in London and all around the UK and Europe.Thanks for having us!