Submerge Yourself in Dom Malin's Latest Emotional Release, "Eye of the Storm"

The Midlands-based Folk Artist and Singer/Songwriter Dom Malin takes listeners on a smooth-sailing journey with his emotional piece, "Eye of the Storm."

From his early days around his first electric guitar to his growing passion for music of vast genres, Dom Malin has taken his musical stylings and graduated with a university degree in Music while teaching at a creative music college. After Malin's first few releases, his fanbase exponentially expanded with no explanation needed.

In his recent single, "Eye of the Storm," Dom Malin mentioned that the song surrounds the emotions that manifest when two lovers begin to part ways. "With this song, I want my listeners to find a temporary musical escape," Malin states. Captivating his audience with each Alternative/Folk flair that he graces us, the song truly makes for a comforting experience.

"Eye of the Storm" opens with soft acoustic guitar strumming and faint electric guitar touches. As Dom Malin begins painting vivid pictures with his soothing vocals, his lyrical message of feeling exhausted from a relationship grasps the ears of listeners and keeps them well engaged.

As the song swells with heightened instrumentals through warm percussion patterns and a plucky electric guitar, Dom Malin continues singing with his whole heart. We can hear the raw passion and exhaustion simply through Malin's vocal delivery, reminding listeners to stay strong during troublesome breakups and separations.

Ending the song off with immense passion through the chilling instrumentals and Dom Malin's breathtaking vocals, he's truly offered listeners a safe space through this sweet single.

Dom Malin has shown immense heart and strength through his recent single, "Eye of the Storm," and the song's equally passionate instrumentals make for the perfect place to mend your heart.

Hello Dom, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your latest release "Eye of the Storm." Was it challenging to write a song about dissolved love with your single, "Eye of the Storm?" What did your songwriting process look like when creating your emotional lyricism?

I never found writing Eye of the Storm challenging. I found it came naturally and flowed

from my subconscious. I often find those are my best songs. From the experience, the

songs mature and come out when ready as a narrative. I try not to dwell too much on

emotions, especially after they become a song. That way it’s easier for me to overcome

them. However, listening back it does remind me of the past and how much it had

affected me even though at the time I might not have been aware. I often write on the guitar and one evening I was noodling on the electric and the opening riff appeared. I knew from that moment I had the tone for the track and the next morning I began to flesh out the verses and chorus.

Through your tender and warm instrumentals on "Eye of the Storm," how did you create the sonic atmosphere to offer a similar 'safe space' as your lyricism? Did you have any help when formulating the instrumentals?

The sonic atmosphere of the song comes from the chordal melodies and main riff. Eye

of the Storm produces subliminal optimism, although the nature of the lyrics is sad and

reflective, there’s this subconscious level of hope. I structured songs as I write and when it comes to the production of a song, I can usually hear the texture in my head. Eye of the Storm was no different. I knew I had to build into a crescendo. I wanted the imagery to come through musically. That’s why the outro is my favorite part. It captures the energy of a storm yet melodically it has the stillness and calm left when it passes. I enjoy recording and working on songs at home and this was no different. When I finish a song, I will often record it as a reminder. As I’m limited with equipment, I took the demo to a recording studio and re-recorded the instruments. I’m proud to say everything on the track I played myself.

Do you usually create such vulnerable and emotional pieces as you did with "Eye of

the Storm?" How does this song stand out from the rest of your discography?

All my songs have this vulnerability and truth about them. It’s my style. I love to express

all kinds of emotions and for music to be the vehicle to carry them. This song for me

though encapsulates the narrative explored in previous releases. Whereas my other

single showed different aspects, Eye of the Storm solidifies them into one emotive

driven piece.

We've noticed that your single "Eye of the Storm" has garnered incredible attention.

Why do you think the single has been so successful thus far? What do you think the single offer that listeners are engaged by?

I had so much faith in this track and every release before Eye of the Storm has been a way for me to connect with my audience, develop my own skills in areas I haven't explored before (video editing, photography, etc..) I also think the message relates to everyone and you can hear the authenticity in the lyrics. Transparency is key. With this song, I want my listeners to find a musical escape and for the lyrics to provide comfort to those who are going through or have been through a tough breakup. We have all been there where we have invested in someone, the journey, the affection, and the time for it to come to an end. This is a song of letting go and trying to move forward.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

I’ve actually found inspiration difficult. I’m someone who needs to be immersed in

culture and society. It inspires my writing and gives me ideas to explore. With the

current situation, it has allowed me to absorb songs I have already written and plan out

my next release. I already have my 3 EP’s in the making and my next singles ready!

However, I do work part-time as a music teacher in a creative college where I support

and encourage students on their own musical journey and right now, I think more than

ever the learners need the escape music can give.