Sumwhr Gives Us Blends of R&B and Hip/Hop In Track "Confidence"

Sumwhr is the type of artist that is mellow and contemporary with his stylings of music. As a predominantly R&B/Hip-Hop artist, Sumwhr can take a variety of sounds within his category, and transform them in a way that sounds almost electronic. Sumwhr pours his authentic self into his music and expresses his emotions in a way he is comfortable doing so: music. Music has shaped the person Sumwhr has become and acts as an integral aspect of his life. We definitely appreciate the programming for the majority of his music, and the beats held throughout his tracks are addicting to listen to. We couldn't help but notice the more mature sound his music captures and then adds a modern element in the mix. Sumwhr's latest release: "Confidence".

"Confidence" will give you exactly what the title says. You feel elevated when listening to the music of Sumwhr, and especially so with "Confidence". We appreciate the subtle use of autotune in Sumwhr's vocalism. It's the type that isn't too overpowering but instead creates a certain type of electronic ambiance. The blend of synths, combined with his inert flow to the execution, is what brings this R&B track to the next level. Sumwhr maintains consistency throughout "Confidence", and has an undeniable charm that will keep your attention for sure! We're excited to see how Sumwhr can progress as an artist, and in the meantime, we'll be vibing along to his tracks!

Give a listen to "Confidence" here, and keep scrolling for Sumwhr's interview!

Hey there Sumwhr! Congrats on your release of "Confidence"! How did the curation process of the song go?

I actually had the idea stuck in my head for about a week or so, and for me once an idea sparks I quickly begin to come up with melodies. So after a few minutes of sitting in front of my DAW, I developed a piano melody in the key of E melodic minor. I focused on creating an atmospheric sound with a pad, layered with foley background textures. The drums are very trap inspired which gives the song that modern edge. After a few minutes of producing, arranging, and mixing I began writing.

What would you say is the predominant message you're trying to express to your listeners within "Confidence"?

The message behind “Confidence” is to face and overcome a fear of opening up to a significant other. We all go through this stage in our lives when it’s really hard to let someone in. Sometimes we have to feel secure in our own way in order to move forward. We often forget that it’s all about balance, and being confident with ourselves to build strong relationships.

As an independent artist, what would you say is the biggest challenge you predominantly face within the music industry?

One of the challenges is knowing your strength and weaknesses as an independent artist. Having a team is something you should establish very early on, and I learned that the hard way trying to do it all by myself. One thing that is important is marketing your material to the right demographic and majority of the time this is the hardest element for an independent artist.

Can you describe how the songwriting process compares to the recording process for you personally?

The way I write is through recording, it’s just something about being in the moment you know, like the energy is different. Often times when writing I basically load up the session, press record and begin shooting out melody ideas. To be honest it all depends on how I am feeling, because some songs require a little more time. 

It was great to showcase your music here on BuzzMusic! What's your next big move in the music world?

I would like to continue the momentum throughout the years end, which is to release a song every month. I also hope to land another big placement before the end of the year.

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