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Take a Ride Through the "Midnight Sky" With Sierra Pilot's Powerhouse Cover

Ontario alt-rock trio Sierra Pilot takes on another fierce reimagination with their heated rendition of Miley Cyrus' smash hit, "Midnight Sky."

Consisting of Taylor Leith, Jay Thibault, and Jason Holzscherer, Sierra Pilot is garnering vast attention through their two EP's and well-received singles. Excited to release their heavily anticipated full-length album, Sierra Pilot is now delving into the world of covers until the project's release.

Recently releasing their previous cover of Billie Eilish's "You Should See Me in a Crown," Sierra Pilot is now exploring more pop pieces with Miley Cyrus's "Midnight Sky." Reworking the song with heavy alt-rock flairs, Sierra Pilot offers an exceptional rendition for rockers anywhere.

Listening to Sierra Pilot's cover of "Midnight Sky," the track opens with a dark synth that takes on the main melody. Once the fiery beat drops, we can't wrap our heads around the grit and power that Sierra Pilot has infused into this cover. They blast into the track with a heavy bass riff, an exhilarating guitar line, and gripping drum arrangements that keep our ears peeled.

Delivering Miley's iconic lyricism is Sierra Pilot's lead vocalist Taylor Leith, who drenches the song in mystery and lust through his raspy vocal stylings. We genuinely feel as though Sierra Pilot has fueled this single with such organic and raw elements that it could come off as an original, aside from Ms. Cyrus' empowering lyricism and deftly-created melodies.

All in all, Sierra Pilot delivers a highly engaging and unique alt-rock take on Miley Cyrus' "Midnight Sky," available to rock with on all digital streaming platforms.

We're incredibly impressed with the alt-rock depth you've delivered within your cover of "Midnight Sky." What inspired your band to take on another cover, and this one in particular?

Thank you!! Yeah, there was really no plan to do another cover after we covered Billie Eilish’s “you should see me in a crown.’” As of right now, we’re super busy trying to get our album out, but I heard this song and was instantly hooked on the bass line. All I was thinking about was “How badass would this be as a hard rock song?”. Then before we knew it we were laying it down in the studio.

Could you take us through your creative process for "Midnight Sky" when recreating the song with such heavy instrumentation? How did this process go about behind the scenes?

Well, it really just came down to replicating all the tones that I was hearing in my head. So we laid down our version of the beat (Massive sounding rock drum kit) and distorted bass. Then we doubled everything with a heavy Baritone and even heavier guitars. We mostly wanted to just stay true to the song as it is though, but of course, we needed the Sierra Pilot aggressive tones in there.

For Taylor Leith, how did you go about channeling Miley's emotion and power when delivering the lyricism within "Midnight Sky"? Was it easy to put your own spin on her performance?

I connected with this song and lyrics right away. Miley has such a unique and rasp to her voice that I absolutely love. I thought her performance on the song was perfect and I knew I didn’t want to stray too far from her. It did take me some time to get in the character of such a superstar who’s been putting out awesome songs for years. So no it wasn’t easy, but I think with the help of our producer, I got there in the end.

Now that you're releasing a debut full-length project, are there any themes or approaches we should expect from the album? Do you have a release date?

We do not have an official release date, however, we are aiming for mid Summer to early Fall. Hopefully around a time when we can start playing shows again. As far as themes go there is really no singular theme. There is a real mix of songs on the album. We’ve taken inspiration from many different genres and put our hearts and soul into every song. We influenced everything from Country - modern pop, R&B - Metal.

What's next?

Hopefully shows! It's been a while and we are dying to get on the road again. We really miss our fans at our shows and meeting everybody who comes to support us. Then once we are back at that… who knows? Definitely more music. There's talk among us about doing an Acoustic or “Reimagined” EP. This would involve some of our already released songs and some from the album… maybe some new ones. After this crazy time in the world, we have nothing to do but keep moving forward and keep creating.



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