Take a Trip Down 'Melody Ln,' with Xori Amar

Atlanta, Georgia’s very own Xori Amar Teran Johnson, affectionately known as Xori Amar, attributes his musical evolution to the importance of time; the biggest influence on his identity as an artist.

Xori Amar’s influence shines through his poetic use of the hourglass and red rose, symbols embedded into all aspects of his art. With a musical career that began with Garage Band and Apple headphones in the basement of his parent's house, he has become known for poetry and spoken word talents which led him to organically transition into songwriting in September of 2015.

The newly released album “melody LN,” from Xori Amar carries forth the elements that have contributed to his growth as an artist throughout his emerging career. With a gift draped in dedication, we can hear Xori Amar leave it all on the table as he gives us a little piece of himself.

The introductory and title track of this album initiates the sonic voyage we are about to set on. “melody ln,” drips us in the soothing ease of the instrumentation as you are pulled into the creative depths of the fusion of genres that Xori Amar exudes as he blends together Contemporary R&B with Hip-hop taking notes from the majority of his influences. Expressing the essence of his journey through the words he pens, we quite literally take a ride with Xori Amar through this beat and his storytelling as he fills us in on what got him to where he is today.

The second record, “late night drive,” follows the delicate ease of the composition as the speakers swim with enticing hi-hats and swift cadences from Xori Amar. Speaking the language of love, he paints a picture of his pride and joyriding in the passenger side as they come to indulge one another in the spirit of their lives while they cruise the streets after hours. Filled with harmonious bliss, an atmosphere is fashioned that encourages us to close our eyes as we get lost in the musical components in front of us.

“balance,” sheds an eclectic simplicity as the elements immersed in the beat zone in on a unique dimension for Xori Amar’s flair to float over the top of. Anticipating the effortless flow that Xori Amar performs, he shines that spotlight on the major role that time played in his identity. “Nothing worth having easy, but I accept the challenge,” are the final words that leave us in awe of the strong persona displayed by Xori Amar as he continues to establish his name as an emerging artist.

Blending right into the fourth record on “melody ln.” “butterflies,” swindles through the indulgent vocal range that Xori Amar continues to surprise us with. The reverberated quintessence that is exuded with perfectly timed delay throws has us enthralled with the imaginative adaptability that he as an artist continues to put forth. Allowing his poetic license to shimmer in the intricate scriptures he lays down, we hear Xori Amar big up that special someone in his life who makes him feel alive while giving him butterflies.

We’re offered up an interlude at the halfway mark of “melody ln.” Taking in the voicemail message left on his phone, “a missed call (interlude)” takes us into a little enigmatic storyline as we hear a woman’s voice ever so passionately leaving a message for Xori Amar. Grateful for the only consistent thing in her life being Xori Amar himself, we can’t help but wonder who the mystery woman is on the other end of that missed call. The perfect way to keep us captivated for the remainder of this album.

Coming in at number six on the tracklist, we have “wednesday night.” Delicate and spacious keys glisten in a reverberated fashion as we hear the resonant sounds that are Xori Amar’s in the distance. The tantalizing melodies vocalized create a remarkably unforgettable record as we bounce to the instrumentation at hand. Singing about his time spent with a loved one taking the form of an interlude. We learn about his emotions towards saying goodbye and wiping tears as we get up close and personal with Xori Amar.

The manner in which each record seamlessly pours into one another creates a rollercoaster of sensations as we see a new side of Xori Amar through each performance. As we get lost in the sounds of “ride or die,” we hear how love plays such a large role in the motives he has in his life. The burning passion ignites the flame on the torch which he carries with him from one production to the next, leaving us in the deep end of a pool filled with emotions.

As we near the end of Xori Amar’s album “melody ln,” we are taken to the second last song in the track list. “resentment,” although gentle with R&B tones, hones in on the intensity of the emcee like abilities that Xori Amar puts into his music. Delivering a powerful message through his lyricism about discarding the negative energy while encouraging someone to take a good hard look at themselves, he touches on the effects that alcohol has on the emotions as he wants it to know that he is not just another pawn in anyone’s game.

The final record on “melody ln” is the entrancing “dead end.” Opening up with a voice memo that sets a beguiling character to finalize the musical journey we have embraced, Xori Amar wants to drive home the point that “love shouldn’t be a load.” Submerged in the otherworldly vibrations from this artist, we are exhilarated and grounded in a combination of thoughts. Allowing us to reflect on the expedition we journeyed to, we can’t help but find this record the perfect way to end “melody ln.”

As we have experienced the highs and lows as Xori Amar has painted upon a blank canvas, we can see where his heart truly lies as an individual who positions his feelings first in this crazy thing called life. Embracing the expressions in “melody ln,” we have been treated with numerous pieces of Xori Amar’s puzzle that seem to only be getting started.

Listen to 'Melody Ln' here.

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