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Teddy Midnight Brings Us Into the Underground With Their Latest EP 'Airdnb'

Brooklyn, based electronic trio Teddy Midnight blurs the lines of electronic and hip-hop with their recent EP 'Airdnb.' While thriving off their unique sound of blending electronica with live-band instrumentation, Teddy Midnight brilliantly captures those magical moments on the dance floor with their mix of house, techno, breakbeat, and drum ’n bass. Crossing into a new path with their recent EP 'Airdnb,' Teddy Midnight explores into hip-hop while maintaining their electronic home base. Also incorporating transcendent electric guitars and primal jungle influences, their EP brings those dirty bass lines and much more.

Opening the EP with the intro track "Buckle Up," we instantly feel this dark and eerie atmosphere through a blend of futuristic and alien-like synths. Bringing in a mid-tempo bass feel with the intro, Teddy Midnight incorporates these light melodic synth patterns that rain down alongside live piano. Maintaining a steady mid-tempo beat up until we're hit with the energetic drop into a drum ’n bass feel, through pulsing/growling synths and vibrant drum breaks. Almost channeling the dark side of electronic through this track, the side where your face naturally scrunches up and subtly bob your head with the bass.

Moving into a dynamic drum ‘n bass feel with the next track "Daylight (feat. David Schnurman)", the intro gives off those cheerful progressive house synths while notably shifting back and forth between an energetic beat and something more mellow. Impressively blending the two at the beat drop, David Schnurman's soft R&B vocals make their appearance and add that massive soulful aspect of timeless R&B. Even incorporating jazz-infused piano overtop the beat, we're blown away at the lack of musical boundaries Teddy Midnight exudes. It's refreshing to hear an energetic drum ‘n bass beat find a different route and reside with soulful R&B, all to create something genuinely radiant, unique, and diverse.

If you've been searching for a hi-fi underground drum ’n bass hit, look no further. Teddy Midnight's next track, "That's My Catchphrase," takes us deep into the heated nightclubs of the UK traveling back to the '90s. Bringing nothing but life the entire way through, the track gradually grows broader and louder, really letting the energy build-up while teasing us with a glimpse of heavy synths that we'll hear when beat drops. Drawing in those synths, Teddy Midnight has mixed this track to mastery, each layered synth grabs right onto you and gets you out of your seat. Keeping this track 100% electronic, we're impressed with the EP's range thus far.

Wasting no time and jumping right into "My Eyes (feat. Lars Viola) [Radio Edit]", Teddy Midnight kicks off the track with a deftly-produced drum ’n bass beat. As the tempo and energy maintain fairly quick and high, Lars Viola brings a different aspect to Teddy Midnight's music by rapping with poise overtop an electronic beat. He raps about how America needs to wake up and smell the roses, or we'll be living in an unequal society forever. Slowing down the tempo at the hook, Teddy Midnight brings in an unexpected and intoxicating vibe through their spacey production. Ending off the track with a solid minute of hypnotic electric guitar, the track is nothing short of perfection.

Ending off the 'Airdnb' EP with a broad and dark atmosphere on "Twin Cities," Teddy Midnight clearly wanted to end the project off with a bang. Quickly arriving at the bass drop within the first minute, the track started like a rapidly escalating rollercoaster reaching the peak before you know it, without having time to brace yourself. Both textured drops provide such a deep and groundbreaking bass where we can't help but converse and speak "wub" language with the track. Giving us yet another track that moves our feet, it's evident that you might see Teddy Midnight in the upcoming festival lineups post-chaos. Their EP 'Airdnb' took us through a variety of genres, yet Teddy Midnight maintained their home "bass" the entire way through.

Be sure to listen to 'Airdnb,' here.


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