Tenille Ja'Nae's Understanding of R&B Continues to Develop and Intensify on "In My Feelings"

Over the last few years, the Little Rock native songstress has produced a veritable catalog of pop that ventures on the borders of soul. Diving in, you'll get a supple dose of swooning breaks, a feeling of throbbing soul, and cascading vocal toplines. In Tenille Ja'Nae's universe, all subject matter is honest, and her reflective lyrical styles have a place in every heart. 

Tenille Ja'Nae appears in the RnB scene as a confident, expressive songwriter and lyricist who endeavors to remind others about self-love and empowerment—and unsurprisingly, her single makes you feel just that. The track "In My Feelings", her 2018 release, is a continuous pulsing engine powered by wavy oscillating samplings, and reverbs that seem to swagger and vibrate the way Tenille's crescendo's do. Relaxed vocal taper along the perplexing edges of this song—a hook here, a soulful breakdown there—all weaved into a profound, heart rate stabilizing cocktail.

The relatable power of the track builds as you delve further; "Nothing's got me feeling like I need to be true, I'd open up to you, every time I did, mistake", she endears. It provokes the listener to look deep inside one's own sudden emotions. It feels easy as your mind relaxes, and you let Tenille Ja'Nei's lyrics inspire some self-examination and release. As we exit, it is easy to see that "In My Feelings", is the rare soul-song gut puncher that totally breaks down your walls and advocates a moment for introspection and soulful vibe.

Be sure to listen to "In My Feelings" here.