Terrasoul Drops a Melancholy Anthem for Heartbreak, “Wreckage”

Piercing hearts from Kansas City is the versatile artistic duo Terrasoul, telling the story of human experience through their first single of the year, "Wreckage."

Terrasoul is multi-instrumentalist Jesse Dummermuth and recording artist Thansui. Together, they travel the realms of trip-hop, shoegaze, power pop, tribal, and ambient rock. The duo's larger-than-life wall of sound is thoughtful, deep, and emotional. We're sure listeners will enjoy Terrasoul's eclectic sound and conceptual pieces.

Now releasing their first single of 2022, "Wreckage," the song is said to discuss the cycle of toxic relationships. Vocalist Thansui's haunting tones perfectly encapsulate those emotional and turbulent times. Backing her up beautifully is Dummermuth, who spins a dark and mystical web in our hearts, packed with emotion, pain, and defeat.

Hitting play on the new single, "Wreckage," the song peacefully opens with Thansui's haunting and breathy vocals that sing of memories when love wasn't so harsh. As Dummermuth lays the foundation with airy downtempo drum breaks and pulsating background synths, Terrasoul leads us over to the chilling hook.

We deeply appreciate the relatable factor of this song. Anyone who's experienced toxic love can throw themselves at this single in hopes of putting a soundtrack to their emotions.

It's clear that both artists put their heart and soul into this piece. The drifting and wavy sonics paired with the melancholic feel of Thansui's vocals make for this cathartic yet heavenly listening experience. Terrasoul slowly moves to the song's end with such a delicate and heartfelt approach, closing the piece with heaps of vulnerability.

Chill the mind, body, and soul with Terrasoul's latest transcendent single, "Wreckage," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Terrasoul. We're so impressed with the emotional and chilling nature of your new single, "Wreckage." What experiences inspired your duo to create this melancholic piece?

Thansui initially wrote the song. I immediately felt what should be the instrumental sound. It went from a jazz-inspired sound and evolved into an ambient beat from the Roland 808. I wouldn't call the songwriting difficult but rather a more perfectionist approach. We had the idea and just needed the right push to find that exact sound. We definitely accomplished that!

Did your duo split the songwriting process for "Wreckage?" Or was that all Thansui? Was this a challenging process considering your lyrics are so emotional?

"Wreckage" is a build-up of intimate lyrics intertwined with a heartbeat-like 808 pattern. I had been inspired by Sigur Rós's atmospheric sound and Earl Sweatshirt's beats when composing the 808 backing track. I wanted it to hit hard without being a one-note track or too "in your face."

In terms of the production and instrumentals in "Wreckage," what vibe or atmosphere did you want to deliver? How did you want the song to feel?

The guitar is drowned in effects to compliment the backing track. I had a completely different set of riffs originally. When recording for the track I thought the original parts sounded one-note and derivative. Playing around with a sound that compliments the vocals was important. The guitar is not meant to be at the forefront but as a complement to Thansui's performance. I drowned the guitar part with a high pitch octave and a rotary effect throughout.

What did you want to provide listeners with when creating "Wreckage?" What do you want this single to do for them?

"Wreckage" is a romantically haunting depiction of love slipping away from you. A bitter end that destroys the love that was once there. An increase of the heartbeat instrumentally. Lush metaphors lyrically encapsulate emotions that are difficult to explain.

What's next for you?

We have 2 more tracks to be released this summer with an EP to follow later this year. There will be more online content with our remote performances. Unannounced live performances will be happening in the very near future starting in Kansas City. Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates!