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That was "T.H.E.N." This is Now

New Jersey’s own Ego Planet is a heavy rock band formed in 2020 by Chris Baker in the midst of the Covid-19 quarantine. Over the course of several months, his folder of instrumental demos piled up, and he decided to partner up with vocalist and lyricist Jarrett Mead to add vocals to the music crafted.

Taking to Zoom and email, the virtual creative sessions between the two allowed them both to finish ten songs that would then be recorded in 2021 at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ, with owner and engineer Kevin Antreassian.

Hitting the scene with their inaugural single release, “T.H.E.N.,” Ego Planet showcases their bolstered sound featuring the bands talented Jarrett Mead (Vocals), Chris Baker (Guitars/Bass), and Steve Iannettoni (Drums).

Touching down with impactful guitar riffs that chug through your speakers, there is a sense of intensity that submerges your very being. Delving into tenors of metal while playing into the heavy rock essence, we find that Ego Planet has the power to rule the underground while embodying the potential to make it mainstream.

With colossal drum patterns that shake your core, there is no denying the artillery that resides in each driving hit. We find ourselves continuously getting submerged in the smoldering vocal tones and the rhythm present in this song as if we sink our heads into the blood-boiling energy shed and come back for air feeling more recharged. “T.H.E.N.” incorporates the sizzling dynamism that we long for in this genre and manages to maintain our attention in a fully fixated manner.

For Ego Planet’s debut single, they come to the industry with a professional and polished sound that makes them sound like veterans in this industry. Exceeding our expectations and steering us into a seamless blend of ominously illuminating grooves, Ego Planet has us anticipating what’s next to come from their music catalog.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ego Planet. We’re thrilled that you’ve debuted with your single “T.H.E.N.” Through such a heavy-hitting yet polished sound. Could you please take us into the inspiration of releasing this track to start off the ten-song saga?

Chris: Thanks so much! It was hard to decide which song to release first, especially being a new band. “T.H.E.N.” was one of the first songs Jarrett wrote lyrics for when we started collaborating. Out of the ten songs, we felt that this was one of the most down-the-middle high-energy tracks that encompass the band’s overall sound.

What is the messaging that you have weaved into this particular track? Does it mean the same thing to you that you’d like your audience to take away from it?

Jarrett: The lyrics for T.H.E.N. were inspired by feelings of frustration toward certain people in my life whose loyalties lie with the powers that be rather than the people whom those powers systemically oppress. I think everyone can identify with growing in different directions than someone you care about and feeling disappointed by some of the choices that person makes. Or even choices you make sometimes.

How does it feel to get ready for the release of your forthcoming album? What can you tell us about what we can expect from it?

Chris: A lot of time and energy went into these songs, and I’m stoked to finally release them. This project has been in the works since March of 2020, and we can’t wait to share all of the work we put in.

As a band, what is the mission statement that you want behind Ego Planet?

Chris: My mission statement for Ego Planet is to be completely authentic. I feel like I’ve created a body of music that sounds like me as a person. And I love the voice and message Jarrett has brought to the sound with his vocals and lyrics.


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