The Beautiful Indie-Soul Sounds Of Molly Shuvani

Songwriter Molly Shuvani is making waves and it's for good reason. The artist's Space Between LP is loaded with smooth melodies, harmonies, and a major piano-based pop style we can all use right now. There are several tunes that really stick out and to get a feel for them you can listen to the album on all the places you know and love. 

Out of these tracks, you get emotional backbone, and personality. Something that feels like it's been missing from a lot of music lately. "We Are" is her first single off the record and when you play it, you can literally hear how much fun she's having making it. The song has a great vibe and feels open and free. It leaves you grateful and inspired just to be yourself and that's what the song is about. We take our lives in our own hands and our lives can be what we desire. A great message and a great song. You can give this excellent effort a spin right here