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The Lillypillies Remind Us That "We'll Be Together," Through Thick and Thin

From Sydney, Australia, the genre-bending group The Lillypillies release a smooth-sailing song of hope and love with their latest single entitled "We'll Be Together."

Constantly refreshing their audience with their in-depth blend of alternative, electro-pop, and rock, The Lillypillies are most known for their transcendent use of guitars, effects, and synths. Comprised of Manny Attanasio and friends Sam, Ben, and Jack, The Lillypillies are ready to conquer the independent music industry.

Recently releasing their heartfelt and uplifting single, "We'll Be Together," listeners are bound to feel as refreshed as ever after experiencing this lush and feel-good single. "We'll Be Together" was the first song The Lillypillies wrote, which was recently re-recorded and polished for the public to experience.

Jumping into "We'll Be Together," the song opens with a gentle acoustic guitar and haunting vocal chops alongside Manny Attanasio's warm and breathy vocals. As he begins to elaborate on heartfelt scenes of holding onto someone's love when times get tough, The Lillypillies begin to expand their soothing instrumentals with a dreamy electric guitar and plucky synth arrangements.

As The Lillypillies drift into the hook, we're met with an uplifting and refreshing beat drop with help from a thumping pop drum arrangement, melodic electric guitars, being piano melodies, and Attanasio's gentle vocal portrayal. We love the alternative sonic landscape of this piece, as it offers a deeply heartfelt tone that's bound to send chills down your spine.

Keep your head held high with help from The Lillypillies' recent single, "We'll Be Together," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic The Lillypillies'. We love the uplifting and optimistic feel of your recent single, "We'll Be Together." Where did the inspiration for this song come about? Who wrote the song's heartfelt lyrics? It’s a song about hope and love without ever mentioning the word love. It was intended to be a bit ambiguous so that the listener can interpret the meaning of the song as they wish. In reality, it is a song that I wrote for my kids. As a songwriter even though often it’s probably easier to write about pain or heartbreak, I think it’s important to have something positive in your repertoire.

Why did you choose to release "We'll Be Together" after two years of writing it? The world is going through such a rough time at the moment that we felt now would be a good time to spread some positive energy. 2 years ago songs we were writing songs simply for the joy of making music. We'll be together sat there as a demo until we started to develop it musically and we eventually saw its potential as a song that deserved to be released.

How did your group divide the sonic and instrumental creative process for "We'll Be Together?" The song was written around the guitar riff intro but we are also not afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles. Music production is so much fun. It was important to keep it simple and do not go overboard and clutter the song with too many sounds. Sonically the song has room to breathe which I feel is very important. Our music seems to have a bit of a retro vibe to it but we feel it also sounds contemporary at the same time. Should we expect to hear more heartfelt and loving tunes like "We'll Be Together" in your future releases? Would you say that your group is most comfortable in this uplifting, passionate, and optimistic songwriting approach?

Not necessarily. It’s nice to have a balance of different moods and approaches. Songwriting is about expressing what you are feeling. We are working on a song at the moment called “losing my mind” which I would say is probably the exact opposite to We’ll be together. I think it’s harder to write an uplifting song than a sad song because when you are feeling down you often feel like you have to get things off your chest. When you are happy you don’t necessarily feel like you have to write about it. There’s definitely plenty of passion in our music and approach. Hopefully, we can continue to portray that in the songs we are currently working on.

What's next for you? We want to continue to write and record music. We have been blessed thanks to technology to be able to make music anywhere, anytime, and release it to the world. We create music because we love making music, not because we want to be pop stars. In the ’70s ’80s and ’90s, there were so many great musicians. There were more musicians than pop stars. Now with social media, everyone wants to be an influencer or a star. We rarely appear in our videos and artwork. We like to let the music do the talking. We seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback and we plan to release more music in the coming months. We hope to get more people listening to our music on various platforms.


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