The Ormidales Emphasize the Ways of Life in Their New Single, “She’s Leaving for London”

As The Ormidales return with a song that speaks into our most profound thoughts and emotions, we're hung up on the fact that they project the essence of life's notions so well in the single, "She's Leaving For London." The narrative sweeps us up into the progression of life, where we come to realize that not everyone is meant to be with us forever.

In an abstract manner that comes off as poetic, we embrace the truth in the way that The Ormidales intended. In the buoyant and triumphant energy that propels us through the stratosphere of fate, we're captivated by the sense of togetherness that is brought forth by the band's chemistry. Taking a theme that tends to wallow in the melancholy of the universe's plans at times, The Ormidales manage to create a vivid illustration of a wistful tapestry that we all visit one time or another in our life.

Between the pulsing percussion and rhythm that sets the enticing tempo for "She's Leaving For London," and the structure of meaningful lyrical motifs that caress the heartfelt nature of our souls, listening to this record sparks up the brilliant themes of The Ormidales which we love dearly. Holding on to each note with a tight grasp of hope, glimmering reflection of new chapters to begin, if anyone can make us excited about doors closing, it's The Ormidales.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Ormidales. We love chatting with you about the new releases you prepare so seamlessly for us! In "She's Leaving For London," are the lyrics we hear based on a real-life experience?

Mark: Hi Great to be chatting with you again, suddenly another year passed, right?

So… “She’s Leavin’ For London” real-life experience? Absolutely! It seems to have a number of stories, characters, and settings woven through it. It wasn’t one that got written in 20 minutes. I had a job with a food company years ago and there was a part-time salesperson that did the rounds of health food stores when she was in town. Otherwise, she was an air hostess for one of the Canadian airlines. She’d tell me fascinating stories of her travels to foreign destinations and I recall seeing in her that the years of flying the long hauls were catching up with her. I used to imagine what her life as a younger globetrotting woman would have been like. Suddenly she left the company…gone no further news. My mind was by then fueled with ambitions to also travel the world. A year in Southeast Asia followed and the theme of people entering and departing continued, short-term travel companions, lovers, and acquaintances that were there for the moment and then they had somewhere else they wanted or needed to be. There still seem to be these transit lounges of life with fleeting moments and people that you experience; then you watch them climb into a taxi and never see them again.

Allowing this record to set the tone for your self-titled album, what does this track say about the concept etched into this collection of songs?

Mark: We’re conscious of what our songs want to say or let people feel. We’ll consider which soundscape or physical location the story would be best told from. Each of the 10 songs on “The Ormidales” is a visit to the music styles or places music was made when we were growing up. Through the various tracks, you might find yourself in Southern California, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Inverness in Scotland … or London. PD Wohl who worked with us on the album was raised on the U.S. East Coast so the songs with that region’s feel in them benefitted a lot from his playing and production work.

Bill: As Mark mentioned we are indeed a melting pot, a sonic potpourri of styles and influences that we may reference as a sketchpad of what direction we want to take the song and meander into where it may take us without fear of not staying in the box. We have always written with imagery that we think and hope people respond to it. Radio was huge all our lives so we were blessed to have so much to be influenced from. Our newest allows you to hop on board because there is a plane heading to London.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process of bringing this song to life?

Mark: I write on an acoustic guitar, play stuff to Bill over the phone now, or send him a demo by email. We used to enjoy a Saturday morning coffee table session, passing the guitar back and forth along with our song ideas A riff and a chorus was all we had for “London” initially and then found the verses singing over a modified guitar chord that I still don’t know the name of. The bridge was another riff thing that was in my spare parts drawer. That’s the song’s notebook life; will let Bill fill you in its studio life where it raises itself from the slab.

Bill: So, in this case, PD Wohl had a great awareness of musical genres throughout his life in New York and we could use bands and sounds to reference bits and pieces of sounds and production values to him with ease and with each song the genesis was born from just that. We have great musician friends with whom we have connected and will continue using the great talent source to bring our songs to life. From the first strums of the guitar, we start its journey.

What does "She's Leaving For London," say about you as a band?

Mark: We are not so much a full band; Bill and I are a couple of songwriters with production ideas. Instead of loading a van with gear and playing a show that’s over, done, and gone at the end of 90 minutes, we upload a video that will be around for all to enjoy for a really long time. The people that work on the music with us vary from single to single and album to album. With the overall tone of the tune in mind, we try to assemble musicians that will give the songs their definitive feel and tonal qualities. Sometimes we miss that mark and surprise ourselves with a happy sonic accident…a brand new stew.

Bill: Yeah, two fellas that want to get their musings out for all to hear and see. We have done a handful of shows with different folks but our focus is on recording and making the best visual interpretation of the song we can within our means.

What's next for you?

Mark: We’re doing really well keeping up with singles and videos. Since July 2020 we have released 10 singles with videos and a 4 song EP called “Any Other Year” as well as this re-issue of “The Ormidales” our first album. There has been an encouraging reception from Europe, the U.K., and Australia so we figure more singles and videos of new songs will keep us busy in 2022. We would like to gain a few more friends around the world and get a bit more play on the independent FM and Internet radio stations in Canada and the U.S.

Bill: Yes, a full slate ahead. We will continue with our projects and musings to reach more people. We have garnered quite good radio response particularly in the UK as well as play in many countries worldwide so the stimulus is certainly there to do more. Looking forward to seeing how "She’s Leaving For London" is received and eyes open for the plane.