The Spotlight Is On Vinlisa and Her Latest Release, “You”

Vinlisa's soft and compelling voice takes us on a nostalgic R&B vibe with a bold instrumental, leaving you craving more. Exploring the depths of R&B, Vinlisa produces intoxicating art and an epic journey into the mind of the young legend.

Based now in Los Angeles, Vinlisa spent her prior days studying music in New Orleans, opening many doors for her at the time. With records like "He Like It," the Cambodian-American artist's place among the stars is almost guaranteed, allowing herself to progress and mold into an individual.

With her recent single "You" setting ablaze, Vinlisa merely flaunts her value. Singing with emotion and hope, she expresses what she'll do for her partner and how his gestures make her happy to be with him. Vinlisa mentions how she wishes she had more time with him in lines like, "Wonder if you'd stay for a while" and "Never want to lose on our time."

Her single "You" is a perfect mixture of fantastic production, supporting and surrounding Vinlisa's bold vocals have us staring at the ceiling, missing someone we haven't seen in years. The internal song structure caliber matches her passion, drive, and presence on this record gives us soo much thrill to be helping introduce this record to the world.

In Vinlisa's recent interview with BuzzMusic, she tells us how she creates regardless of its fictional or non-fictional situations, keeping her fluid and always creating whenever and expressing it however she pleases. Her fantasy or dream world often inspires many records because of how free her creative mind is in that state.

"I wanted to create a sultry song from a female's perspective. So, if anything, I want my ladies to feel empowered and sexy.". Hearing similar records on the male end of the spectrum often sounds degrading in some ways, "That's why "You" is one for the girlies.". She mentions how hard she's been working on her consistency and quality of work so she can feel confident and in a comfortable position to release her art to the masses.

With her legacy built, there's nothing but a bright future for this young legend, Vinlisa. Make sure you're supporting and showing love on her latest release, "You," on all streaming platforms.