The Velvet Cab Provides a Much-Needed Dose of Vitamin D With Their New Song "Sunshine"

The Georgian born 4-piece band The Velvet Cab has found a way to combine the frolicking rock of yesteryear with the modern radio hits of today. The result is brilliant. Their new song, "Sunshine" tells an uplifting story of how to create joy during times of sadness. The band’s lead vocalists, Scott Declue and Luke Martz combine rock and pop styles to achieve a memorable melody. The vocals, paired with stunning guitar riffs and down to earth drum beats, strike just the right balance.

Since its formation in 2018, the band has been experimenting successfully with an approach to their sound. Scott Declue’s vocals compare well to the frontmen of rock bands from the ’60s and ’70s. Luke’s vocals lean more towards the pop hits of today. With the release of "Sunshine", we believe that this band has found their sound. This song’s message, ‘to create your own happiness’, is just as important as the song’s sonic details. This positive emotional affirmation is not often focussed on the music of today and needs to be represented far more in mainstream music. On all fronts, "Sunshine" by The Velvet Cab is a pleasure to listen to.

Listen to "Sunshine" here.

Hey Velvet Cab, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here! Your new song Sunshine is sensational and has a great message. When writing music, What is your process?

Thanks for the opportunity! It’s been a thrill to share our music with people all over the globe this past year. "Sunshine" is our biggest tune to date, but it isn’t as new as some may think. We released the track back in March of 2019 and enjoyed a fair amount of local listens, but it wasn't until it was picked up by a few indie playlists that the song really began to take off.

When we write songs like ‘Sunshine,’ we often aren’t starting with a completely blank canvas. Luke, our bassist and main vocalist on the track, had a structure in mind when he brought this project to the other members. We often bring our own melodies or lyrics into a rehearsal session and then workshop the idea as a group. For ‘Sunshine,’ we took Luke’s general idea and each added our own personal touches to it.

When making great music, there has to be a symbiosis to the writers and composers. Tell me, How would you describe the relationships you guys have built within the band?

The notion that we’ve built this cohesive, tight-knit group in only a year sounds impressive, and from a composition, perspective is true in many ways. However, all of the members have been somewhat connected either directly or indirectly for years. The beginnings of what would ultimately become “The Velvet Cab” started in 2016-17 when Jacob (lead guitar) and Trevor (drummer) met as co-workers and began jamming on the weekends regularly. Jacob later recruited his high school friend Luke and his older brother Scottie (rhythm guitar and vocals) in hopes of making us seem more legitimate to bar and venue owners around town. So despite being a “new” band, the groundwork for our musical chemistry was set long before we formally took the stage as “The Velvet Cab.” We play well together because we get along together in real life.

Sunshine has an incredible message, ‘to create your own happiness’. I’d like to know what state of mind you all were in when writing this song?

This song is the perfect companion to a summer drive or day at the beach. Luke wrote the lyrics to ‘Sunshine’ as a self-reflective piece, but its message is universal. This track is all about remaining positive through difficult moments—making your own sunshine on a cloudy day. The mellow groove of the verse combined with the heavier guitars and belting vocals in the chorus made this song a crowd favorite well before we even went into the studio to record it.

The sound that you all have developed is one that I can hear saturating the radio waves. What plans do you have to grow your band in the future?

While we wait for Dave Grohl to return our e-mail requests to become the official fifth member, we’ve been in the studio creating more music and scheduling more shows. We want to know where you’re listening. Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook @thevelvetcab and let us know where you want to see us play.

What can we expect to see from The Velvet Cab throughout 2020?

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