There Is No Question That Music Exists in London King’s Latest "DNA"

London King is an artist from the historic city of Rome. Her love for music first blossomed when she was 10 years old and has grown into a force large enough to cross oceans. London’s journey is one of great resilience and inspiration. She has risked it all and crossed oceans to pursue music, and through her pursuit, find herself. Leaving behind a punk band, the artist left Rome and moved to London in 2012, when she was just a teenager. Dedicating herself to a solo career, the artist soon had put together an entire EP entitled 'Solaris'.

"DNA" is the final single from her debut EP and it is dripping with emotional electro-pop swagger. The song begins with a powerful synth organ sound, that leads us into the first verse. In it, London describes the emotional experience of meeting someone incredible and immediately embracing them. As the chorus comes along, the artist’s lyrics paint a picture of uncertainty, as she says, “I don’t think that I can give you what you deserve,” further emphasizing the idea that, she thinks this person is way too good for her; but with talent like this, that’s impossible.

On top of being a solo artist, London also acts as Lead singer and songwriter in the band Bite Me, an intriguing new project, that gained acclaim almost immediately after starting. While playing a show at the legendary Dublin Castle, the girls wowed the audience. Following that success, they have continued to tour throughout the UK and are set to release their first single, "Deviant" this year. London has not forgotten about her solo project though. In fact, she is currently working on her debut album, set to be released in 2021. A creative through and through. We can't wait to see what's next for London King.

Stream "DNA" by London King here.