Tie Bond Expresses a Genuine Story With His Recent Release “Drippin’”

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, artist/rapper Tie Bond is back on BuzzMusic with his incredibly essential track and music video "Drippin." While being inspired by various artists across genres like hip-hop, pop, and rock, it became evident to Tie Bond that he thrives through the art of rhythmic poetry (rap). His recent music video to his first single of 2020, "Drippin" captures scenes of Tie Bond's career, life story and the physical image of his impressive growth. While rapping about his progress and how we got to where he is, it's exhilarating to hear an artist stay so humble after such notable success.

The music video for "Drippin" begins with an Instagram Livestream of Loody Boy (Taylor Gang), giving praise to Tie Bond and the music he's created. Transitioning into the song, a melodic electric guitar begins picking while fluorescent and light synths shower overtops a gripping kick and Tie Bond's sincere flow. Rapping about keeping his vision unaltered by his influences and genuinely working hard over time, he lets us in on his well-deserved success. With bars like "I was drowning, now I'm drippin' caught myself while I was slippin'," the music video reflects this meaning through projected images shining on Tie Bond's face surrounding his life and goals. Again, Tie Bond's down to earth vibe with "Drippin" tells a story with facts instead of fiction.

You can listen to "Drippin" here.

Great to speak with you again, Tie Bond! We’re truly impressed by your recent single/video “Drippin’”, and how you tie in such a genuine story. Why did you want to create a track that emphasizes your journey as an artist?

Hey, thank you! I'm glad you all enjoyed it. I felt I wanted to create this song, because I know there are a lot of artists, that feel how I feel with this music. There's the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There's going to be times where you feel like you're drowning & got nothing left to give, I know from experience. But keep going & trust the process. Because in the end, when you do succeed, you'll come out drippin.

Within your music video for “Drippin’”, the intro scene captures hand-recorded videos of Tie Bond, Loody Boy and Pierre Ballian working on the track. What was the process like when collaborating with them, and how did they help the song grow?

Being in the studio with Pierre & Loody was a huge milestone for me. I've been following Loody/Taylor Gang since I've started music. So to be in the studio, working on this new music, was an unreal experience. Pierre has been in the game for a while & came to find out he worked with Justin Bieber & many other artists. & to get his expertise in the studio was really awesome. They've helped the song grow by showing it on there stories, that their fans will see. 

Since your last interview with BuzzMusic, Tie Bond mentioned that you have a new EP coming later this year. What can you say about the EP, and can we anticipate “Drippin’” to be on the project as well?

I did mention I was going to release an EP! Y'all don't forget do ya! Haha. I've been thinking of releasing an EP. or I might just drop these songs as singles...  I feel releasing them as singles could be a better way to go. But if I do release an EP, "Drippin" will definitely be on it!

Now that Tie Bond is really upping his journey into the music industry with notable collaborations and a growing fanbase, what is your personal opinion towards why your music has been so successful and managed to resonate with many audiences?

I feel my music has a stand out sound & connects with people. 

It's refreshing, It's new. it's Tie Bond. That's the sound & that's the wave. I am so grateful, that people enjoy the music I write. It really means a lot & I'm excited to keep releasing more music for y'all! 

What can we expect to see from Tie Bond next?

I'm going to keep promoting my new single + music video "Drippin" & get the next release ready for y'all next month! I'm also in the works of creating merch. More on that will be on my Instagram @ "Tie Bond"!