Tommy760 Lights up the Room With “Favorite Song” From His New Ep '760 Dreamin'

Tommy760 is the definition of colorful and charismatic with the release of his latest EP '760 Dreamin'. This EP is a project packed with exuberant songs including his latest single “Favorite Song”. “Favorite Song” is a fun and vibrant single with an outgoing delivery and smoothly connected arrangement. A monumental moment in this song is the infectious hook with a melody that seeps into your brain and leaves a lasting memory on you as a listener.

Tommy760 adds this youthful aesthetic to his song, which made “Favorite Song” a lot more fun and invigorating. Tommy760 has intentions to spread positive music and the vibes of '760 Dreamin' is a representation of this. Tommy760 has this classic personality and aura that radiates throughout his EP. Not just through the delivery but through the fun lyricism. “Favorite Song” serves as the perfect opener to the EP, smacking the listener across the face with its high-energy and contagious vibe. Tommy760 knew exactly how to impress us with a flavorful introduction to this dynamic EP and single and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Listen to '760 Dreamin' by Tommy760 here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tommy760! Tell us about your upbringing! How did you discover your love for music? Can you recall the first moment you felt like this was a career you wanted to pursue?

When I was younger I remember my cousins coming over and freestyling. It was all for fun but I got this incredible build up inside me that I ignored because I was too shy to express myself through anything. After I went through countless mental journeys, I recalled myself singing all alone on the bus when I was young. 2 years ago in July I remembered that, and ever since then I’ve been working to make the best possible pieces I can.

Let’s talk about this EP “760 Dreamin”. What were your intentions with this project? Were the songs arranged in any specific order or at random? “Favorite Song” served as a perfect introduction to the EP

One of my intentions with this EP was to make a sound that reminded people of home. Sometimes where you are can feel like a great place, the favorite song captures that feeling and so I placed it first. Workout was second because often times when you are in a small town, you tend to make an enemy or two. Nothing says home like the anger you felt because of people doing you wrong, and I wanted to capture and release that as well. Dreamville came last, and this one is the feeling I currently feel for my town. I have a love-hate relationship with it and I am dreaming of a better place, but I know I have to work out my problems to make songs people will enjoy.

In what ways does “Favorite Song” represent the concept of your EP '760 Dreamin'?

It says all in one song why I’m doing what I am. I say we want the radio in the song, but what I mean is I want my voice to be heard. Nobody thinks about how many small-town people will never be heard from by the mainstream public and by anyone outside their vicinity. So many people can get forgotten in trauma or in the world and favorite song is supposed to be the song that snaps you back to the happy place that you knew coming up.

How did you challenge yourself when creating “Favorite Song” How does this song differentiate itself from the others on the EP?

I wanted to make it as catchy as possible from the jump. I had sat on the beat making tweaks to the mix, adding the flute in the back, just to add to the build-up of the melodies. In one way this song is different is how I did the vocals, actually. I knew the performance was supposed to be light-hearted and freeing and that’s what I think made the difference between work out and dreamville.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

More singles, more shows, more growth. I don’t want to over-promise anything but I have a tape I’m working on titled “trynna be a hero” and I’m giving it my honest attention at the moment. If this is put together well I’ll be searching for shows and trying to do as many events as I can. Being on the business side of the music industry is the most challenging part so I would say my 2020 will be focused on my brand and craft.