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Tutara Peak, "Colour & Pattern" or Vibrance and Vibrations

As Tutara Peak, Harvey Carter has quickly been creating quite the stir with a unique style. This UK-based electronic composer has cracked the code of vibrant, serotonin-inducing music that will levitate you through your work day or accompany you on your yoga mat at the end of the day.

Harvey Carter has garnered recognition from major media but does not see the recognition as his greatest feat. Growing up playing piano and listening to classical music drove Harvey to strive to create something new and unique.

Ushering in a new era of electric music, Harvey's goal has been to express his creativity in a way more unique than the instruments of past generations. He has proven he can encapsulate the energy and electricity of his influences, Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, in his electric compositions. His music has an ethereal and otherworldly quality that leaves you floating on a cloud of sound.

The work of Harvey Carter has been called vibrant and has also noted the different vibrations sought by the artist, Tutara Peak, that drew him away from traditional instruments. Let us now introduce you to his newest single, "Colour & Pattern."

A stimulating melody with a tribal grounding compound for a journey from the peaks of a high alpine mountain to a jungle beach bar, "Color & Pattern," the most recent release by Tutuara Peak, will take you on a journey into the jungles of Belize to the beaches of Tulum.

With a sound that is both grounded and ethereal, Harvey Carter's Tutara Peak offers a new perspective on electronic music, one that is sure to inspire other artists and listeners alike. We encourage you to close your eyes, sit back, and let the soundscape of Tutara Peak's work envelop and transport you to another realm.


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