Tyler Suarez Delivers a Unique Hard-Hitting Rock Track on His Latest Single, “Wow"

You don't know where your ears are headed when "Wow" opens with a tack piano, all to explode into a gritty rock piece. Suarez is most comfortable in changeable atmospheres, creating more artistic and abstract pieces while expanding on the themes and messages within a project.

"Wow" goes through an evolution of sound from the playful beginnings, the gritty uptick, to a massive rock journey; the music shifts through its emotional subject matter: "the weight of the world." It's evident Tyler Suarez has a heightened level of awareness in layering and exploring different sounds currently attending the University of Bridgeport, Suarez is majoring in Music Education, the broadening is already keen musical aptitude. Our favorite part of "Wow" is how one instrument, in particular, evolved throughout the piece. It starts with more of a tack (jangle) feeling piano, and it slowly transforms into piano balladry, an impressive evolution. The piece is sung with a mellow punk rocker tone that stands out against the thrashing drums and rapid electric cords. We can't wait to hear what's next for Tyler Suarez.

Discover “Wow’ here