Tynan Smyth Talks New Single "Japan" and More

Hey Tynan Smyth! Welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your latest track "Japan" ft. Benjii! How did the overall production and curation of the track go? Did the final track match your initial vision, or did this vision change over the course of production?

Thank you! Overall the production went great! Benjii is a great artist to work with and my team supported me all the way through. My engineer gave me some awesome changes to what I initially envisioned and I think that with his help I made a better track overall.

"Japan" is one of those catchy and impactful hip-hop tracks that we know we'll be hearing more of from the music world. What would you say is the main element to your music that you include in each track to leave the Tynan Smyth effect on listeners?

For my music, I try to resonate with listeners who love mainstream music but I try to implement a few obscure references and I don’t lie throughout my music. I think this can relate to listeners who don’t always like songs about money, drugs, and demeaning women.

How are you able to combine mainstream as well as underground inspirations to create a new sound? Who are some of your influences?

-I listen to a lot of underground artists around my area as well as mainstream artists and I believe that by doing this a new wave of music will be created. Underground artists are amazing and genuine, but mainstream artists have their uniqueness which lets them stand apart. I was a fan of Benii’s for a while and a few other local artists I listen to include Boslen, Eric Reprid, nesgoneglobal, just to name a few. For mainstream artists, I love Travis Scott, Schoolboy Q, nle choppa, and Gunna.

What's been good in the music scene in Port Alberni, BC? Are you heavily influenced by the current music present in your city?

The music scene in Port Alberni is quite awful, to be honest. I am unable to say I was influenced by music in the city but my experiences throughout my life there have given me material to write about. I think the music scene can grow it will just take some effort from the public to stray away from the mainstream and support their friends, family, and community members.

How long did it take you to authentically craft your sound? Did you find your initial sound easily, or did it require some work on your end?

I think my sound is continuously developing. From my first project to my recent single there is an enormous difference in quality, lyrics, and flow. I think I am approaching my sound, but the journey of making music is too fun to rush through.

Thanks, Tynan Smyth for coming on BuzzMusic to showcase "Japan" and to allow our readers to get a better sense of you artistically! Now that the new single is released, what's your next move within the music world?

I try to be one step ahead and be prepared for the future. I have another single on the way with another local feature from another great artist. Continuously working towards my goals and enjoying every step of the way. I’ve got great fans and support systems in place to propel me further and I appreciate the opportunity from BuzzMusic to allow me to speak about my work and the effort I put into it.

Listen to "Japan" here.