Up And Comer Nu Tell Us Her Story In “I’m Nu”

Good vibes only with new up and coming hip-hop artist Nu. From Charleston, South Carolina, her eclectic and uptempo rap style sets her apart in today's music industry. Playing with a variety of genres, Nu strives to create music that everyone can vibe and listen to. The hip-hop/R&B/pop star hopes that when she makes it big, we'll look back and reminisce about her come up. Nu hopes to inspire other artists to find their authenticity and craft.

Nu’s latest single titled “I’m Nu” is a motivation theme song and we can’t stop listening. Nu has an original and individuality to her flow. “I’m Nu” is a retrospective track about who Nu is and her real life and experiences. She exudes a powerful energy and confidence that’s contagious to her listeners. She consistently delivers fresh and savory beats while remaining contemporary. The heavy bass and catchy hook demand to be heard. “I’m Nu” is laced with elements of old school hip-hop and soul layered with Nu’s spectacular bars and flawless flow. Nu keeps her genres diverse and her good energy flowing. Stay on the lookout for this vibrant up and comer, Nu!

Check out “I’m Nu” here and read more with Nu in our interview below!

Hey Nu! Welcome to BuzzMusic. How old were you when you started writing music?

I was always told throughout school my poetry was good but it wasn't until age 18 I started writing to an instrumental and realised It for myself.

Is there a specific event or person that inspired you to start taking your music more seriously?

Yes, a specific event. I enrolled back into school and the time that I was taking for seminars and homework, which I didn't enjoy. It was time I didn't think I had to work on music. So going back to school taught me how to utilize my time and how to creat a plan and timeline of what I want done, get serious about it and get on it! Plus it excited me its something I enjoy doing.

We love your track “I’m Nu”! What was the inspiration behind this song? What’s your favorite part? (lyrically or sonically)

wow, the inspiration behind I'm Nu. Well its truly me. It all came to me in like a day. I was at my desk at work, which I work a call center. (Totally not for me, just pays my Bills until music can) but I actually had a customer telling me from my personality he knew there was more in store for me and my current job was a stepping stone. I know this, ya know. But to hear a complete stranger tellme, was music to my hears. Literally, In between calls when we got off the phone the lyrics just kept coming. I had already scheduled to go into the studio that day but for something I previously wrote. Went in and dropped this one.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope listeners get a better feel of me. I can't explain everything to everyone about myself, who I've grown to be, what I feel, because who will just sit and listen to that. Lol but I plan in the future tracks to put myself into everything I release.

What’s next for you, Nu?

I plan to give you all hit after hit even after someone finds me and helps make it a career. Right now me and my engineer are trying to get this mixing and master of the music and my vocals together, because I got alot of feedback on this track of my vocals being low. Once we do, I don't plan on quitting. Everyone knows how easy it is to quit when your heart is not in it. So wish me the best and stay tuned.

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