Visitor Combines Ambitious Layers of Rock, Metal, and Harmonious Vibes on "Involuntary Crimes"

Initially forming within the corners of Detroit's underrated music scene, Visitor is an elusive combination of modern rock, gritty metal—and even by self-proclamation "a hint of Motown" — to create their unmistakable sound. This culmination of musical endeavors between four life long friends draws on years of exposure in the music scene, offering venues across the Motor City a vigorous and captivating live show. This year Visitors have endowed us with a release of their latest single, "Involuntary Crimes," a zenith collection of smoldering guitar riffs, dynamic vocal harmonies, and a solid rhythm section with all the bells and whistles attached. It's more surreal and atmospheric than anything they've recorded before, with Dustin Buckley's bass taking a predominant role in supporting the vicious guitar riffs. And once they hit their peak, over Billy Pierce's rippling blast beat, they evoke their '90s forefathers. They reserve vocalist Randy Gray for a plentiful, fiery performance that emerges from the song's infinite expanses before evaporating back into the atmosphere. As with all their best work, Steve Dombroski is forever screeching out dynamic guitar solos, opening a portal to a world that feels hopeful, new, and breathtakingly alive. Ultimately, "Involuntary Crimes," is a husky song where protocol and compliance are stripped down into a valiant turn around with urgent hardcore riffs, heavy-handed guitar melodies, hypnotic vocal harmonies, an energizing rhythm. This single is an endeavor to strip back the covers to reveal a new side of the coin, revealing their undisputable path to alt-rock dominancy.

Be sure to listen to "Involuntary Crimes" here.