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Vlad in Tears Resurrects Life in the Energy Served Up in "Dead"

Reborn after centuries when three brothers Kris (vocals and piano), Lex (guitar), and Dario (bass) decide to move from the old and too sunny Italy to Germany in 2012, Vlad In Tears have come to create their own custom dark sound.

From humble beginnings where they would jam cover tunes, the band’s progressive development has been well received by their rapidly growing fan base. Surging through your speakers with an eclectic range of amplified frequencies, Vlad in Tears’ latest single “Dead,” has us rising from our seats and rejoicing in the heavy-set energy that they bring forth.

Casting out waves of colossal percussion hits that flood the sound waves with chugging guitar riffs, the upbeat essence that stems from “Dead” has us basking in the edgy finesses that Vlad in Tears sprinkles throughout their compositions.

There’s a unique twist that they apply to their hard-hitting rock sound, as melodic elements swiftly infiltrate your speakers as you peruse through sentimental lyrical motifs. The captivating concept of soothing vocal hues cascading upon this boisterous musical foundation has us swimming in the mindfulness that is what Vlad in Tears conveys through “Dead.”

Not turning their back on the intensified soundscapes that they craft best, we embrace the fully charged chorus that has us singing along at the top of our lungs. Embracing the well-rounded peaks and valleys that this band tours us through, the way they navigate us through emotion and thought reigns supreme.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Vlad in Tears. After a hiatus that was inflicted by life’s uncertain ways, we’re happy to see you all together and thriving. Could you please share a bit about how the energy between you three is different from your past days of recording, and some things that have remained consistent?

Thanks for having us, it's our pleasure to be back! As you might know, I and my brothers grew up together, playing music, we've been through a lot, and our bond has never been stronger than it is now, also because of the pandemic and the lockdown, we had been missing each other so much and we've realized even more how much music and being together important is for us. Times have been hard on each and every one of us for sure, and that's also something that we share with all our fans, because we believe that we all need to feel understood and reassured somehow, and music can be the best way to do it.

Do you find that being in Germany has shifted your sound?

Yes, it did, people can hear the differences between all our albums and how sometimes the "German world" has actually affected our music, but to be honest, I always try to keep an open mind and get inspired by all the music around the world.

What inspired the creation of your single “Dead?'

"Dead" is a song about lost love, a real heavy break up, I felt that the only way to get over it was to write down all my feelings I had back then, even though I can imagine that my words could hurt, what I've been through, did hurt very much more.

What do you feel that this song says about you as a band? Are there any main themes or messages that you hope can resonate with your audience?

Well, actually yes, it says a lot about the band, because what's more intense than a truly passionate love story? And what's more intense than a heavy breakup? When do you get to the point of thinking you lost everything? Vlad in tears speaks to everyone, we tell stories, based on true facts, not all our stories are personal of course, but the main thing about our writing is to get connected to all the people who have been hurt, who suffered, who can still fight for their place in the world, for all people who can still dream in a world that suffocates from pain and solitude. We say "Life is a bitch sometimes, love can hurt so badly to get you to the point of feeling like dying," and yes, we say, WE TOO, but there's always hope, we have to fight and believe that we can make it, at least we won't stop trying.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when bringing this song to life?

Sometimes I dream our songs as the soundtrack to really weird and spooky nightmares I have, it's kind of a creating process that feels really weird when I wake up and start writing, it's like I know what I have to write because of the memory of the dreams I have...Other times, we just open up and write down about our experiences, of other people' feels so liberating, and We can see how people feel connected to us through our music. Usually, I write the songs using my piano, and after that, we start working on the other instruments, sharing ideas, and experimenting as much as possible.

What's next for you?

We are currently working on our new album, a heavy sound, and deep subjects are going to be the main theme of our Lp, in the meantime, we are planning our next live shows, festivals, and some more dates around Europe. We truly hope that we will all be able to travel and play our music at the best, we can't wait to see our fans all out there and feel the magic with all of them.



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