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Warganization Takes Listeners Through a Dynamic Soundscape With Their Album, 'Mazda Music'

Coming in from Lafayette, LA, the Alternative/Electronic project Warganization releases a highly dynamic set of tracks with their recent album, 'Mazda Music.'

Warganization was created in the early 2010s by Jack Morrison, surrounding his own music creations while also the countless musicians and creators he's collaborated with. Through the group's broad sound, they tend to touch on genres like Electronic, Trip-Hop, R&B, and Industrial Rock. Listeners are able to hear the vast sounds of Warganization within their thrilling album, 'Mazda Music.'

With the album's intro track, "Ak," the project opens with incredible heat, grit, and power. Through a blistering distorted synth that opens the track with intense strength and stamina, organic and upbeat drum patterns accompany the heavy synth-work and offer a blazing atmosphere that defies the boundaries of various genres. While a filtered lead vocal comes in and begins portraying a fast-paced lifestyle, we're genuinely impressed with Warganization's power and punch they've delivered through the stimulating intro track.

Moving on to the second track, "Like a Nightmare," we hear more of an Electronic Drum 'N Bass feel through the quick and intricate percussion patterns. With a woozy background synth that drones in the background, it perfectly compliments the lead vocalist's filtered vocals while he sings of our repeating cycles. With precise instrumental breakdowns and meticulous arrangement, we're feeling this laidback sense throughout the song's midway point. As the outro picks back up to finish the track with the upbeat percussion and floating background keys, we love the versatility that Warganization delivered merely two tracks into the project.

With the next upbeat track, "Out There," the song opens with an organic mid-tempo drum beat and subtle background synths that haunt up the background. While the lead vocalist heats up the foreground with his filtered vocals and sultry delivery, we feel a primal and desirous sense through this heated track. The piece offers vast rhythm through each intricate instrumental and production element, as the song ends on this haunting note with help from the lead vocalist's natural poise and charisma.

Moving into the fourth piece, "Romera (feat. Lucid Dreams)," we hear more of a bongo type of drum beat open the song at a mid-tempo pace while rapper Lucid Dreams comes in to spit his bars. The instrumentals and production quickly expand through electronic synths, a groovy bassline, and hi-fi background effects. We definitely hear more of a relaxed track, as the hefty sonics take us back to Hip-Hop's prime while delivering fresh elements through modern-day production techniques.

Spinning into the next track, "Mazda 3 (feat. Bleach...)," the song has our heads bopping right off the bat with help from the gritty rhythm guitar and a news anchor announcing to keep an eye out for a criminal in a Mazda 3. As the punchy drum beat helps fuel the track's low-end, we feel our speakers pumping through this scorching hot piece. As Bleach... begins singing with his intense and intimidating delivery, we feel this angsty and powerful sensation through each profound instrumental and production element.

Through the album's 6th piece, "Afterlife," the track opens with a thumping bassline and light percussion shakers. As soothing synths enter the scene and offer sprinkles of ambiance, the lead vocalist begins to sing with his low and sensual delivery behind soft filters that keep the track incredibly modern. As the surrounding instrumentation begins to swell through percussive rim-hits and cymbals, the track switches up and drops into this heavily psychedelic space around the mid-way point with help from the celestial synths. With a tight Industrial Rock breakdown around the last minute of the track, Warganization has blasted us into heat.

Getting groovy with the next track, "With the Moon," we hear a droning and spacey synth heat up the foreground as the instrumentals enter and sing in a modern bluesy tone. As the lead vocalist begins singing with his broad vocal range, his lyrical message of feeling lost and withdrawn shines through. The supporting synth arrangement is definitely the track's focal point, as it lifts the listener out of their rut and into the stratosphere with the dreamy production. Not to mention the perfectly blended organic drum patterns with synthetic production, the piece has us feeling chills all over.

Stomping into the next track, "Kerouac," Warganization has our heads banging from the jump. As the song opens with an uptempo drum beat and punchy rhythm guitar, we can feel the group's Industrial Rock passion shine through powerfully on this heated banger. The lead vocalist belts his vocals with the utmost enthusiasm and vigor, as his broad vocal range takes him deep down low, to screaming with passion and life. We honestly can't get enough of the unique and authentic sound that Warganization has delivered, especially with this exhilarating track.

Reaching the album's final track with, "Kill It Now," the track opens with eerie and droning synths while a warm acoustic guitar subtly enters the song. As the lead vocalist begins singing with his soft and filtered vocals, he offers the song this highly nostalgic flair that takes us back a few decades to Rock 'n Roll's prime. With help from the ear-ringing synths in this piece, Warganization is able to display a highly modern soundscape that merges the old and the new. Continuing down the soundscape, Warganization closes the song with a deftly blended sound that hovers between Rock and Electronic, leaving our jaws on the floor and wanting more.

We couldn't have asked for a more authentic, blazing, and versatile project from Warganization, as their album 'Mazda Music' captures vast vibes that naturally touch the soul. Through the group's killer instrumentals and in-depth production, listeners are bound to feel captivated and compelled to keep listening.


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