We're Feeling The Intensity With Ay's Latest Track "You Lost It All"

Ay is the type of artist that creates truly passionate music. It is easy to tell that Ay pours herself and her emotion into all of her music, which makes the listener feel like they're seeing inside of Ay's soul for the length of the track. From Boston, MA, Ay blends together her intensity, affection and fierce vocals to create tracks that are memorable to listeners. Currently recording her album locally, Ay is working with producer Anthony Resta in Los Angeles to bring us more of her hypnotizing creations. We're excited for the contribution to the neo-soul/pop category, and we're raving to hear what Ay works on next. Her music is the epitome of charming and seductive, and we know the BuzzMusic community will love and appreciate the music Ay has to bring. 

As a listener, you immediately feel immersed in Ay's "You Lost It All". The emotion she expels onto her listeners is addicting and captivating--you want more as you listen on. Ay is captivating just within her vocalism alone. We would have to say that Ay's voice is inherently and naturally sensuous. She has the element to her ambience that is pivotal for neo-soul/pop tracks, the type of atmosphere where you feel completely engaged with every word that she sings. "You Lost It All" is the kind of song you want to be listening to when you want to feel confident and voluptuous, a girls anthem nonetheless.  Feel fierce and confident with Ay's "You Lost It All" here, and continue reading for Ay's personalized interview with us here at BuzzMusic!

Hey Ay! How's it going? Tell our readers what made you realize music was your passion?

Hey BuzzMusic!  It’s great to talk with you guys again!  

I was lucky to be born with musical ability, but there’s a definite reason I pursue music as a career.  Throughout my life no matter how I was feeling, I could listen to my favorite artists and feel so connected and know I’m not alone.  This is the feeling I want to share with others through my creations.  Music has always been there for me and I’m happy to contribute to something so healing.

We felt fierce and confident while listening to "You Lost It All"! What kind of atmosphere were you going for when you curated the song?

“You Lost It All” is definitely about self worth and empowerment!  We all occasionally encounter relationships or situations where we realize we aren’t being treated right.  I wrote this song as a self love manifesto and reminder that you are awesome and can completely walk away from people who don’t reciprocate your kindness.  That’s their loss, not yours. 

Are you able to give us some detail behind your recent release "You Lost It All"? How was the curation process?

I worked on this single with producer Anthony Resta and engineer Karyadi Sutedja at Studio Bopnique in LA.  I love working in an environment where we are really creating our own sounds to bring the piece to life.  There are no samples in the single.  Everything you hear was organically created or played by us.  There’s a transition in the song that is actually my large hoop earrings I wore the day of recording, used on the end of thunder machine!

What would you say is the most impactful lyric within "You Lost It All"?

I love the line “time for a little social surgery”.  It’s silly and it’s true, sometimes you really just have to cut toxic situations out with surgical precision. 

What's next for you as an artist? Can we expect to see any upcoming releases, or shows?

I’m so excited to share I have more music, video releases, and performances planned throughout the year!!  I’ll be in LA this July working on my new album.  Follow me on my social sites to stay tuned and be first to hear about what’s coming next! 


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