We Won’t Be Able to Get 4vr and Regothereshego’s Latest Release “Gtfo” out of Our Heads

4vr is a Philadelphia based Hip-Hop artist who fuses in elements of R&B, Pop, and Darkwave. Combined with a passionate live performance, 4vr creates a perfect space where listeners can dance and emote to the music. Recently along with regothereshego, 4vr released 'The Mirage' EP and off of it is the intense high energy moody tune “Gtfo”.

This record has us put into a state where we uncontrollably kept moving to the rhythm, there is such an incredibly tight groove here between the ethereal-like vocals and the driving instrumental. We are loving the attitude presented in “Gtfo”, it has a bit of a bite to it grabs your attention and pulls you inside of the music. There is something beautiful about the creative autotune effects, the two have managed to have it sound completely natural almost like it’s a singing organism that is full of character. This record features a sliding bass, a driving high intensity modern 808 drum kit, really mellowed out strings, and a beautiful vocal duet between 4vr and regothereshego that dynamically evolves throughout the tune that is full of lovely ear candy and effects that keep us constantly on our toes. This is one of those releases that you will easily regret missing out on.

Listen to "Gtfo" here.

Hey there 4vr! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release with regothereshego “Gtfo” off of 'The Mirage' EP is full of intense excitement, what was the initial inspiration behind the song and the meaning to you? It has an almost passive-aggressive tone that works really well. Was the writing split between you and regothereshego? When creating the track for ‘Gtfo’ I (Ren of 4VR) was going for something bigger, something more cinematic than the rest of the project to help paint the overall picture. We came up with keywords and a theme for The Mirage EP which fueled the idea to go with creating an audible trip to depict the ups and downs of the journey that we are on together. ‘Gtfo’ is definitely passive-aggressive, but still very upfront and speaks on how we are trying to keep a certain pace, and if those around us want to be in the picture they need to match the pace. Slowing down the process and not taking what we do as artists seriously will get you left behind. Everyone in this industry wants to be successful, but tend to lose sight and worry about the wrong things. The idea was to have contrast, showing off new sounds and taking on a new structure. When we first worked on the song we wrote the chorus together, deciding to take turns per line to keep it interesting and really iterate that this is a collaborative project. We then completed the song at Repercussion Studios here in Philly, almost piecing the puzzle together as we recorded

The vocals in “Gtfo” dynamically evolve in really interesting ways, what was the recording and production process like with regothereshego? How did you come up with the little vocal flairs? How did the two of you meet? The vocal process was a little all over the place in the best way. When we first wrote most of the song, we recorded a reference to it just so we could get an idea of what we were trying to portray. As time passed and the project grew, we knew we wanted to add this song. So recording the final version was really a process of exchanging and bouncing energy off of each other. We purposely wanted it to progress from start to finish dynamically, so that it took you on your own personal journey. We all first met at Underground Arts in Philadelphia during a showcase that they would host every Tuesday, and that night we were both artists on the bill. We talked for a bit backstage before we got to see Rego perform and once she did we immediately knew we had to keep her in our lives. Her energy, way with words, and unique singing voice matched her stage presence so well we became fans instantly. 

The fusion you have going on between Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, and Darkwave gives off a really cool vibe, what was the inspiration behind going in this direction? Did you want to do something fresh or was there an idol that inspired you? Cesar of 4VR has always been a hip hop kid that was extremely inspired by pop and R&B, mainly for writing, but also for the accessibility in the melodies and song structure. Ren of 4VR grew up listening to grunge, alternative, and R&B music, so putting us together really brings out different genre/style elements every single song we make. We definitely go for something fresh every time we make music but what we create is really just who we are on a plate. 

We love hearing when acts put together live performances with passion, how do you try to have the crowd resonate with the music live? Are you playing anything live other than singing?

We love performing more than anything. The satisfaction from performing your own music just feels euphoric and is truly the cherry on top of all of the work we do leading up to a live performance. Every time we perform our own shows we like to make it an experience. Every part of the show matters, from lighting, to stage design, to props and visuals, and what the audience member can take away. We perform with a full band when we throw our release shows so that the audience can hear our music in more ways than one while keeping in mind, ways to make it better next time. Performing with a band just raises the energy in the room and we find people really love the difference between hearing new music from us live with a band and being home and diving into the actual record the way we intended them to receive it.