Who Killed The Love? Not Us! We're Loving Bonds of Mara's Newest Single "Killed The Love"

Bonds of Mara are a Canadian born Punk band that creates epic high energy music with thought-provoking songwriting. The members were originally from separate bands and organically came together after realizing they were all in the same headspace and had the same end goal in mind. Since the band formed, they made an impact in the rock community post their debut single "Lights Out" which began stirring the minds of every one of what Bonds of Mara is capable of.

Recently Bonds of Mara released their newest single "Killed The Love", it's got everything you'd be expecting in a punk song along with new fresh flairs. The song features a crunchy solid bass, funky guitars, heavy guitar riffs, explosive drums, and fantastic high energy vocals that instantly make you sing along. "Killed The Love" is quite an interesting tune, it keeps the feeling of being elegant and intricate while also being heavy and raw at the same time. From the hooky songwriting to the grungy production Bonds of Mara take of Punk is exciting to listen to and we cannot wait to hear what else is cooking.

Listen to "Killed The Love" here.