Xanity Gives a Dose of "What You Need," With Her Latest Creative Venture

Multi-talented electronic producer, Robbie Washington better known as “Xanity” is making herself known in the Houston area especially with her latest creation, “What You Need.”

Her passion for music started to develop when she began playing drums at a very young age. As she grew older, her creative appetite cultivated and she decided to pursue a career in music getting a degree in Audio Recording & Technology. 

Originally, she was an independent rapper who was trying to make a name for herself in the Houston area but quickly discovered that she loved the creative process of producing and writing songs rather than being on stage, so she decided to pursue the route of becoming a producer.

As “What You Need,” begins, we are greeted with a dreamy atmosphere containing the elements of sparkling and warm tones amidst the ambiance of big city traffic. In this purely instrumental, electronic production, we hear melodies of soft-spoken vocals acting as an instrument themselves that send chills down our spines in a heavy and resonated environment.

The airy and delicate mood throughout the entire piece of work puts us in a trance with the soft and uplifting qualities Xanity blesses upon us. Each element brought together continues to add a new essence before closing off this story and the instrumentation hits the musical components exuded flawlessly throughout this sound voyage.

We can’t get enough of the production quality from Xanity. This record definitely has us wanting to be immersed in the big city lifestyle full time.

Congratulations on the release of “What You Need.” What is the meaning behind this release and what would you like your fans to take away from it?

This song is a stepping stone for my career since I’ve decided to rebrand my music and my sound. The sound doesn’t really have an emotional meaning to it that people can relate to, but for me personally, this song means everything to me because I’m finally at a place where I can truly show everyone what I’m capable of. 

Could you please tell us a bit about the vibes of the studio session where “What You Need,” was created?

The session for this song was quite interesting. I originally was listening to what you need by JoJo off of her new album good to know And I wanted to make an instrumental that was similar to the song but one of my friends who just happens to play guitar sent me over a guitar track And asked if I can make something with it. So the song was actually supposed to be an R&B song but it turned into a future bass/ambient chill EDM vibe.

When creating a single like, “What You Need,” who is the target audience that you have in mind?

I never really target an audience when I make music. I’ve had this motto like going on in my music career is that basically is if you like my music you like it but if you don’t then you don’t everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and not everyone is going like my music and that’s okay. 

In terms of musical influences, who do you look up to?

Oh, that’s a long list but I’m a keep it short. Number one on that list is Demi Lovato. Back in 2014 when my grandmother passed away I was a wreck I couldn’t eat I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t think I was having like five and six anxiety attacks a day and my mental health WASNT at the greatest during that time so I turned on her music because I could relate to her lyrics in a way that I couldn’t relate to with anyone else. 

The second artist that I look up to is NF. I discovered him back in 2016 when I first started college a friend of mine introduced him to me and I got hooked on his lyricism. He expressed his pain and suffering in ways that I have never actually heard before in rap music and I grew up on rap music it was always around me people were always listening to it when I was younger there was never really a day when I would go without hearing it. When I heard how could you leave us I wanted to create something similar to different at the same time and thus the song the last thing I said was born. 

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music?

The lockdown itself was a blessing and a curse for me but more of a blessing because since I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything outside of my own house I literally ended up locking myself in my room and my studio coming up with different ideas for various songs that I wanted to come up with and make. I would sit and watch August Rush for days on end and study the symphony at the end of the movie. Trying to pull inspiration from there. Like for the next song I plan on releasing I ended up blending an orchestral sound with future babies kind a like Illenium did in his song lonely. I’m looking forward to when I finish that song because I shock the hell out of myself when I create it.

After all, that song in particular was actually an accident. I was just layering different sounds together and I got sort of like a Like the orchestral film scoring sound that you hear in the movies. But to actually answer your question I’m inspired by the fact that music is a universal language when we were in lockdown I couldn’t see my friends but when I would talk to them they would recommend different songs I should listen to and when they did that they were indirectly telling me how they felt which I didn’t know at the time but I understood it through the song if that makes sense.