XON3R Layers Psychedelic Textures on "SafeHouse Baby"

DaVinci Love Garrett, also known as XON3R, is endeavoring to quietly influence the state of your mind and shift it into the more vibey corner spaces that his rap music occupies. Alongside a dark grit and ominous tone, he's exploring the more creative, bass-boosted, eerie feeling flow that's sweeping the music industry, in and around the boundaries of Lil Peep, Suicide Boys, Billie Eilish, and Juice WRLD—amongst others that he's listed as influences.

XON3R breaks the sensitive barrier some SoundCloud artists hide behind in genial hooks and opulence—and despite these outside contributions—shows able in his talent darkness and enigma as his whispers and meanders over skittering 32nd notes. Here, his latest single "SafeHouse Baby" is a hammering banger, which operates under the machinery of his chorus, as he reminisces about the transitions of his past. "My dude said I was a trap house baby soon as got out the trap house," he pounds before continuing, "I went and found me some hustlers, and then I learned their row." Here, XON3R imparts a hovering new-school vibe that achieves potency through his use of dynamic samples, as he divulges on the perspectives of his hustling days. All around him, he encounters the struggles of reality and conquers them with the immediate and knock-out effect of "SafeHouse Baby."

Listen to "SafeHouse Baby" here

Being from Waukegan, Illinois, do you feel your home town has imparted some of its cultures into your music as you grow from year to year as an artist?

My hometown has impacted me a lot and has shown me to push hard as I grow. Seeing the things I’ve seen and done the things I’ve done has both scarred and helped me during this journey, during this life process. Being able to transition my thoughts, fears, & struggles into my music has been a great help, Music is my rehab & my past makes me.

What were the key emotions you tried to weave into the feeling and impact of this track?

Potent Planet has the most streams on Spotify surpassing my other tracks, I feel the reason being is because there’s a lot of emotion on that track, going through hard times u tend to turn to a better feeling and that better feeling may be frowned on by a lot but also used by most. All I’m saying is lose yourself before you find yourself.

How do you fuel the darker and more ominous textures that you incorporate into your productions? 

It's hard to fuel what’s already been fueled but the more gasoline u add to the fire the farther u feel away from yourself, u never fully click with other individuals but you play the game as if it was chess. You bring your thoughts and visions alive through video production. If you can touch a few souls through production you already making a difference. Through each production release you will see bits and pieces of me, you will then start to understand me little by little.

What really gets you moving and inspired, as summer comes to a close and we embark and a new musical quarter of the year?

My inspiration is the need to let the world hear new original music that taps into one's mindset and helps them through their current vibe. I want to inspire those who struggle with finding their sound. It’s ok to be who you are it’s ok to be judged, your willingness to want to win, & your hard work & dedication should inspire you to keep moving, you have a goal to reach don’t stop until you reach it.

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

The voices in my head keep me inspired, my drive inspires me, the lost loved ones that are now tiny conscious voices keep me pushing. What doesn’t kill you will beat you down but it’s up to you to stay strong. I’m fueled and I’m charging every win and ever loss to the game, the game won’t break me. I’m physically mentally and emotionally prepared.