Xuavage Love Pushes Listeners to Feel Transcending in "walxman"

Hip/Hop artist Xuavage Love is here today to highlight his outspoken lyricism and intentions. Cementing his sound in playful and rhythmically transcending soundscapes, Xuavage Love's music finds itself to be quite elusive. Xuavage Love music ends up being predominantly unique and full of his own style. With inspirations such as Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and Robert Plant, Xuavage Love morphs his sound as best as possible to come out buoyant and packed with thought.

Xuavage Love releases his contemporary Hip/Hop single, "walxman." Produced by TheRiskTaker, "walxman" maintains a low-key type of energy throughout, making it the ideal track to listen to on a lax night. Xuavage Love keeps it short and simple with "walxman," with the track recording at 1 minute and 28 seconds, Xuavage Love keeps it direct with what he's trying to get across. Apart from the catchy underlying beat, Xuavage Love embeds psychedelic components to create a hallucinogenic effect. We find Xuavage Love's music easy to vibe to, and "walxman" wasn't any different. Connecting with Xuavage Love isn't difficult, mainly because he doesn't make it complicated. He's straightforward with his craft and doesn't leave any room for misinterpretation. All in all, "walxman" showcased harmonic Hip/Hop collections, deeming it to be an impressive release from Xuavage Love. Listen to Xuavage Love's latest single, "walxman" here

With the release of "walxman", how did you feel you grew artistically compared to your last track release?

Artistically the growth is Crazy next level from the last track I dropped due to the fact of having the energy and experience of the risktaker to push my energy level passed the limits of human and enter full XuavageLove experience mode 

What type of message were you hoping your listeners received from "walxman"? Are there any expectations you had of the response you'd receive from this track release?

The message with this song is really just letting the Universe know That Xuavage Love has left his planet and now landed on earth for complete Global take over- make sure you hide ya girls because I will show them what LOVE really feels like in all frequencies.

How would you describe the collaboration with artist The Risk Taker? How do you go about ensuring your vision for a track is upheld when bringing in another producer, instead of producing yourself? 

The Risk Taker Aka as the oracle is not just another producer he is my main producer and brother we are family and if I had never got to create with the oracle himself I wouldn’t have known that I can travel through dimensions inside these frequencies sound waves to come back into the present time with magic sounds for the world to resonate with.

Drawing your sense of inspiration from all about, ranging from other artists to your personal narrative, how would you describe your process of compacting all of the said inspiration into your music? How would you describe your own sound? 

I'm in love with music and making it so I just operate from optimum heart coherency when creating music through the power of love. Cutting through the illusion of separation with immersive, unfiltered storytelling from the energetically sovereign frequency of love.”

What is your biggest goal with your music, Xuavage Love? 

I want to change my family's life forever and explore the world with my team, spreading pure sounds of love throughout this planet. I want to be able to give people the energy they deserve and know they are loved and can truly do anything they put their hearts into. Who knows?, I might be the first artist to perform in space.