Yancyabril Searches for True Love With New Song “Shut You Down”

Born in Brooklyn and living up in almost all parts of New York City, we are brought the amazingly talented artist known as Yancyabril. She has been playing guitar at age seven and we can feel that in the amazing delivery of her music.

“I can shut you down if you were like the rest. Tell me baby, is this coming to an end?” is the hook of this amazingly written Pop/ R&B track. Lyrically, it’s obvious that Yancyabril has a hard time getting rid of someone in her life that she probably should. However, we all have those people who come into our lives that we sadly cannot live with or without, and this song speaks to exactly that theme. Musically, the song is a smooth R&B song that goes down like a fine glass of wine. The production is a highlight and the vocal performance is something worth listening for. Melodically, “Shut You Down” stays with you in a way that you cannot escape. The bridge of the song takes listeners for a turn that is perfectly placed and adds a nice breath of fresh air to the song. By the end of the track, you’re ready for more from Yancyabril and the vibe is definitely dialed in with “Shut You Down”.

Listen to "Shut You Down" here.