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Young John Q Is Feeling "Blessed"

With a promising looking 2021, Young John Q is no stranger to award nominations and seeing a flux in his fan base numbers.

Eager to share his newly released single “Blessed” with his growing audience, Young John Q is ready to change the climate of the Hip-hop industry as we know it.

Embracing the nostalgic sounds of old-school Hip-hop, Young John Q has adapted to ever-changing instrumentation in “Blessed.”

Swaying to the motion of his lyrical dexterity the prevailing cadences leave you with the punchy energy that comes from his hungry vocal tone. With a direct mission to establish his name as one of the greatest to do it, we hear that directly translated into the musical creations that Young John Q showcases.

Colliding with the beat as his inimitable swagger takes over your sound system, there’s a fine line between overbearing confidence and knowing what you stand for and delivering that every time. Young John Q matches the energy and keeps it consistent of someone who continues to work hard for what he deserves in this realm of the industry.

As long as lyrical motifs like, ‘People try to go push ya button and they don’t even have car keys,’ continue to pour from the unapologetic spirit of this emerging artist, there’s no denying the superstardom that he’ll be encountering. One compelling song at a time, Young John Q has us signed up for what he has in store next on his road to success.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Young John Q, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Blessed.” We love the subject matter that you mould with your lyricism. Was there a particular moment or story that shaped the narrative of “Blessed?"

Thank you so much I appreciate you guys for rocking with the don for real. But "Blessed" was just me reflecting on my life, is this music meant for me? Will I be able to take my music career to new heights, am I good enough? I know we all feel like this sometimes, whether it be a career or ideas or whatever you wanna do. But I'm sure everyone can relate to wanting to quit or having some self-doubt, we are all human. I just feel like God has been blessing me, from getting 4 million views on Facebook to winning music video of the year and receiving a Filcan rap music award. As well as Fat Joe hearing my music, never in a million years, I could see this happen. When you have people that say you not gonna be shit, or you are not gonna make it, hearing those things stick with you for life. So through the song, I just wanted to shout out loud that I'm super "blessed."

Where do you get your inspiration for such witty bars? Has flexing your lyrical dexterity and knack for wordplay always come easy for you?

My inspiration comes from the hip-hop greats who came before and current artists who make you wanna be better. The list is too long to mention but even rapping as a kid, steal sharpen steal, the creativity is fully embraced. I always knew I wanted to bend people's ears, you can say your wordplay however you choose. But I knew if I was witty with it, it would make you stop and think like what did he just say lemme rewind that.

We know that artists can be their own biggest critics and at times it can be difficult to know when a song is complete. At what point did you know that “Blessed,” was ready to release?

Honestly, after the day I wrote it and completed the recording the following week. I knew the energy on this track will be contagious, and I remember going to one of my friend's houses playing the record, and her kids instantly saying the hook of the song. We all know if kids can recite your song, you definitely gotta fire track on your hands. Also, I played it for some people that don't even like hip-hop, and they love the song to this day and that speaks volumes.

What message do you aim to send out to your listeners through the music that you create?

I'm not aiming to set out a message or one specific message, I just want people to feel the music. if you're having a bad day or a good day, I just want people to be able to put on my music and catch a vibe. Also through catching a vibe you never know if there might be a gem in there you can appreciate, but it's on you to catch the gem no matter the topic or vibe of a record.


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