Activate Your Bass Face With Bad Proxy’s Latest Single, “Octavia”

The electronic, industrial, neuro, and glitch producer Bad Proxy punches us in the gut with a stimulating and crunchy single entitled "Octavia."

During the pandemic's peak, Bad Proxy felt compelled to sharpen his craft and create a new artistic world with a conceptual narrative. Bad Proxy isn't just an artist but an entire audio/visual experience that showcases his ability to explore unique sound design and experiment with different approaches to robust electronic music.

Now releasing his fourth single, "Octavia," the track is said to coincide with the story of his previous singles. This time around, Bad Proxy's concept surrounds the story of Octavia/77 Corp, "a fictitious organization hoping to create an AI to help save humanity," said Bad Proxy. The song is an explosion of madness and modernity, so buckle up for a wild ride, folks.

Hitting play on the single, "Octavia," we're greeted into Bad Proxy's sonic realm with haunting and ghostly sound effects, eerie piano notes, and an ominous, growling synth that takes us through a gripping sonic storm. As he begins to dribble bits of anticipation over our speakers with a massive build, we make our way over to the powerhouse drop.

Once we meet Bad Proxy's deathly sonic landscape on the drop, we're instantly reminded of similar industrial and bass-heavy sounds of artists like Virtual Riot and Mr. Bill. But it's safe to say that Bad Proxy truly owns his glitchy and neuro approach that not only stimulates the ears but the mind as well.

Unleash your inner bass head with Bad Proxy's latest exhilarating single, "Octavia," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Bad Proxy. We love the energy and mysterious feel of your latest scorching single, "Octavia." Could you expand on what inspired the song's conceptual sonic narrative?

The narrative for the release pulls directly from the story I have created for my brand so far. The fictitious narrative of Octavia77 Corporation and its A.I. creation named E.O.N. Octavia is a new digital world or reality, for our main character E.O.N. to reside. A technologically advanced oasis where the majority of my story will take place.

What was your creative process like when arranging and formulating the sonics for "Octavia?" What overall tone and feel did you want the track to offer?

To connect the song to the narrative of this digitally advanced world, I wanted the intro to have an ethereal floating effect that draws the audience in with a heavy industrial/ almost glitch-like breakdown to prepare the audience for the gritty sustained basses in the drop. I wanted to give the overall track an industrial vibe because I would consider the world of Octavia to be a futuristic industrial cityscape.

How do your prior releases introduce us to the ongoing story sonically told in "Octavia?" How did these songs pave the way for "Octavia" to follow?

With release 1 or "chapter 1" - High Octane, we get introduced to our main character E.O.N or "Ethereal Operating Network" an advanced A.I. created in a different dimension. In this chapter we see the A.I. start to form a body for himself or a shell with which he can operate. To do so, he pumped a blood-like fluid titled "High Octane" into his new shell. Which is where the track gets its namesake. Chapter 2 or "Cyber Syndicate" is where we see the A.I. start to create a HUB or Control Room in which he will use to create his future world. This brings us to Chapter 3 or "Reanimation" during which the A.I.s shell becomes operational, he downloads his conscious into the shell and emerges from his laboratory while entering the control room or Cyber Syndicate and plugs himself into the machine to prepare for the creation of his new world during this next chapter 4 - Octavia where of course his world will be born.

Do you think that this fictitious story will ever come to an end? Or do you plan on continuing the tale with your forthcoming releases?

I believe the sky's the limit with this story, I fully intend on introducing new characters, collaborating story crossovers with other artists. Each chapter I have released thus far has been accompanied by a visual short digital film created by my digital team @ the hyphen (on social media) they have done an incredible job helping me bring this story to life. In the future, I hope to expand into releasing short comic book stories or even a video game. Going back to the second question, my current release schedule is one track per month until the end of 2022, I am just getting started and I do not intend on slowing down any time soon!

What's next for Bad Proxy?

What's next for Bad Proxy and the story of E.O.N. in the immediate future until the end of 2021 is releasing chapters 5&6 where we the audience will see E.O.N. create citizens for his new world and get an upgrade to his shell "Cyber Suit v.2" which I am extremely excited to show everyone. In regards to Bad Proxy, my main goal for 2021 was to focus on releasing music and building my discography. 2022 however live shows, collab crossovers, an EP, and much more you'll just have to keep your eyes out!