Alex Malave Releases Effortless Bedroom Pop Single “Wasn’t True”

Michael Geary is a singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas who performs through his artistic persona Alex Malave. He is best known for his ability to traverse and absorb aspects from a wide variety of genres including pop, punk rock, soul, hip hop and EDM. After releasing his first single “Tampico” in 2019 Alex Malave has just released another single called “Wasn’t True,” and is planning to release his first EP sometime this year.

Alex Malave’s “Wasn’t True” is the type of song I like to classify under the category of deck tanning music. This track simply needs to accompany a strong dose of vitamin D and a pleasant breeze. The relaxing instrumentals will transport you to a chill atmosphere and immediately enhance your state of mind. “Wasn’t True” begins with a soft percussion beat and gentle acoustic strums. Alex Malave then begins to sing with his alluring, laid back vocals. He exhibits his broad range throughout the song; some verses are sung at a high pitch, while others are lower and more mellow. His lyrics speak to the feelings that are experienced through a heartbreak, which allows fans to easily relate to the song. To wrap up “Wasn’t True,” Alex Malave introduces an electric guitar that somehow manages to maintain the chill vibe of the song. With his elegant vocals and unique spin on peaceful instrumentals, Alex Malave has created a polished piece of bedroom pop.

Listen to "Wasn't True" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Alex Malave! We were entranced by the chill vibes of “Wasn’t True!” Can you tell us more about the message behind your lyrics?

Hey, thanks for having me! This song was actually written a little while back when I had fallen out with a few people that were really important to me. This song was kind of a way for me to move forward at the time and I decided to release it because I knew it was a feeling that a lot of us could relate to. I wanted it to feel kind of cathartic for whoever listened.

We know you are the type artist that is influenced by various genres including pop, rock, soul, hip hop and EDM. How do you incorporate aspects of these genres into your music? Specifically, in your most recent song “Wasn’t True?”

Wasn't True was actually breaking some new ground for me in terms of songwriting. A friend of mine had been teaching me how to sample so I knew I wanted to incorporate some lofi the hip-hop drums. I played some jazz chords over the beat and used some gospel-style harmonies on the hook to complement the tone of the lyrics. I had a lot of fun experimenting with some new sounds!

You chose to create your music under the name Alex Malave. Can you tell us why you chose this name, and what it means to you?

My stage name is actually just my middle name and my mom's maiden name! For me though, its kind of a different mindset for me that I slip into when I perform. It's a different kind of feeling than when I used to be the singer of a post-hardcore band, for example. I feel like its just me writing and playing songs in a new, more mature mentality.

It is clear that you appreciate the beauty of instruments in your music. Which instruments do you play, and how do they shape your style as an artist?

Thank you for saying that! I've actually played guitar for about 11 years now so I can at least get by on most stringed instruments and piano (more or less). I've actually been trying to use some new instruments like a mandolin and upright bass on upcoming tracks! As a musician, as much as I love synths, there's something really satisfying for me when I can record live instruments. On the other hand, one of my favorite things right now is combining live instruments and synths or sampling my own playing.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

My debut EP is almost finished so once we finalize the release plan, you can expect to see that in the coming months! This one is super exciting for me because I was able to experiment with some brand new sounds, as well as explore new places lyrically. I've also got a lot of awesome collaborations with my friends from Quiet coming out soon so keep an eye out for those as well!