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Artist Spotlight: Tarion

Houston native Tarion strikes listeners with his latest release “Nothing Means Anything”.

Becoming a performer at such a young age allowed Tarion to collect influence from various historic artists and create his own unique sound and musical style. The wave-like ambiance in his new track fuses pop, soul, and R&B music into one distinct melody.

“Nothing Means Anything” ties together 70’s style psychedelic and passionate lyrics to have listeners contemplating moments in their lives and their significant meanings. As mentioned in an interview, Tarion was able to find constancy in his life through his music and this track specifically amidst the 2020 pandemic.

As many significant changes occurred in his life, the idea of not wasting the time you have and continuing to move forward was clear and the meaning behind this track was that much more appropriate.

Be sure to check out some of Tarion's other recently released singles as this emerging artist continues to shine and create a unique name and sound for himself in the industry.

Discover more about Tarion here.



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