Artist Spotlight: Xanity Stays Inspired by the Universal Language of Music

Houston's own multi-talented electronic producer, Robbie Washington is making a name for herself as “Xanity”.

She was introduced to music at a young age when she began playing drums. In the years to follow her creative appetite cultivated and she decided to take her passion to the next level by getting a degree in Audio Recording & Technology. 

Xanity’s started off as an independent rapper but shortly after discovering her passion for producing and writing songs, she decided to pursue the path of becoming a producer. 

Her latest release “What You Need,” Xanity’s creates a dreamy atmosphere containing the elements of sparkling and warm tones amidst the ambiance of big city traffic. Xanity refers to the 2020 lockdown as a blessing, because she was able to spend time in her studio creating ideas for various songs.

Due to lockdown, she wasn't able to connect with her friends the normal way but they started to recommend music to one another, this was a key factory to Xanity staying inspired during the dark times. The fact that she and her friends were able to connect over their favorite songs truly showed Xanity the power of music and its universal language. 

Keep an eye out for Xanity's next creative project.

You can learn more about her here