Breadcouch Keeps Listeners on Their Toes with His Inspirational Album, 'Canyon Lake Tapes'

Based in Austin, Texas, the bedroom Pop-Hop Artist and Rapper Breadcouch releases a dynamic project and a treat for the ears with his latest album, 'Canyon Lake Tapes.'

Acting as an inspiration for any who choose to follow their artistic drive, Breadcouch fled from a promising career in healthcare software to make his dreams a reality. Molding Hip-Hop and bedroom Pop into a Lo-Fi dreamscape, Breadcouch gains his inspiration from Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, Portugal. The Man, and Portishead. Through his recent album 'Canyon Lake Tapes,' one is bound to be captivated by the steamy likes of Breadcouch.

The album begins with the beautiful intro track "Irresistible (feat. Millie Gibson)." A serenely filtered Lo-Fi beat opens the track while mesmerizing trumpet floats with melodies in the background. While Breadcouch begins serenading us with his sweet and tender vocals, he starts singing a passionate message towards his significant other and lets them know every inch of his desire for them. Around the hook, Millie Gibson offers chilling harmonies alongside Breadcouch while going off into her verse and singing with the utmost poise and grace. Solely through the first song, Breadcouch has us locked into his project.

The next track, "Better Days (prod. Erth Werm)," opens with incredibly rich electronic melodies through the ambient Lo-Fi production and Breadcouch's sweetly filtered and layered vocals. While he begins singing with his cool, calm, and composed delivery, we can't help but recognize the likes of Childish Gambino and Khalid with each melody Breadcouch offers. As the song continues, Breadcouch provides a highly emotional message where he steadily raps about his inner stressors and finding a way out. The song ends with the dreamy production that drifts through to the next song, offering chills the entire way through.

The third track, "Golden Land," begins with electric guitar melodies, a tender bassline, and bright synths. Breadcouch offers a different kind of approach with this song, as we can feel the likes of the late great Mac Miller shine through the warm sonics. While Breadcouch begins singing with his highly melodic and passionate vocals, he tells an inspirational story of leaving your fears behind and starting your own unique path instead of blindly following others. While the bridge offers a sole and slow electric guitar solo full of ambiance and emotion, Breadcouch ends the song with the utmost passion through his warm vocals and sound message.

The next track, "So Be That (feat. Well Treated)," takes on more of a Hip-Hop/Trap tone through the intro's trap drums and faint melodic keys. As Breadcouch begins delivering his bars in a low and mellow tone, we must note the incredible versatility we've seen from Breadcouch as he channels such raw and primal emotions within this track that contrasts nicely with the rest of the project. While rapping about the necessity of independence and finding your own dreams, Well Treated begins rapping and ends the track off with his quick J. Cole-like bars rapping of the journey he's endured to land him where he is now.

The fifth track, "Majin Buu (feat. Soup the Fifth the Master Plan)," opens with a rainy-day atmosphere through samples of rain, steady Trap drums, and R&B-inspired keys. As Breadcouch begins rapping with his calming delivery, he paints pictures of memories and losing himself in the past. Soup the Fifth the Master Plan takes the next verse while channeling the likes of 50 Cent with his voice's natural depth and charisma. The lyrical message that Breadcouch and Soup the Fifth the Master Plan offer is genuinely emotional, as the serene beat continues to offer celestial vibes, Breadcouch ends the song on a reflective note while reminiscing past love.

With the next track, "Jazz Cabbage & Battery Acid (prod. Dajamah)," this piece only lasts a minute yet slaps with immense heat through Breadcouch's versatile flow. With this track, a bouncy and jazzy Lo-Fi beat surrounds our ears while Breadcouch sings a trippy story of getting lost amid psychedelics. Through Breadcouch's low and deep vocals on this track, we can faintly hear the likes of A$AP Rocky shine through the demonic low-pitched background vocals while giving an ode to the artist through lyrics surrounding LSD. This track takes the album as more of an interlude but spills fire the entire minute.

The next blissful tune, "Coffee Grounds," opens with serene keys and the bright chirping of birds in the distance. While Breadcouch begins singing of waking up and smelling fresh coffee in the morning, we're taken into a warm and reflective atmosphere as he starts spilling deeper and more introspective bars. Breadcouch is truly the king of warm Lo-Fi, as he packs this song with the most passionate vibes through his minimalist approach. While Breadcouch continues to sing of his inner troubles and navigating his way out of them, he also paints pictures of the exterior world and the chaos we've endured.

Moving onto the next piece, "Little People," the song opens with a quicker tempo through organic drum patterns, bright background chimes, and faint woodwind melodies. As Breadcouch begins rapping with even more versatility through his swift delivery, he tells an empowering tale of making it from the ground up and going full-throttle towards your version of success. While also rapping about the continued greed we've seen from billionaires and millionaires, Breadcouch reminds us to stay humbled once success strikes. Ending the song with the sweet and dreamy production, we love the messages and lyricism that Breadcouch has offered listeners thus far.

Getting more Pop-infused with the next track, "Growin Up," the song opens with bright synths, natural and organic drum breaks, and soft background keys. As Breadcouch begins singing the troubles of growing up and watching his past catch up to him, he naturally offers this calming aspect to the song that allows listeners to take it all in stride. The production gradually swells with the help of a melodic synth that pushes the sonics out of this atmosphere, while Breadcouch comes back around to end the song on a positive note, which we've seen a lot in this album.

We can feel Breadcouch's Mac Miller inspiration come through on the next track, "Love the Way," as the song begins with brightly layered vocals and uplifting electric guitar melodies. While Breadcouch begins singing an incredibly passionate story through his playful and loving tone, the lyricism and bars he presents gives us instant chills through his descriptive abilities and engaging delivery. Breadcouch ends the song on an affectionate note, explaining his remorse for leaving someone out to dry and not wholly appreciating what they have to offer.

The next song, "No One Ever Changin," takes on more natural instrumentals through the jazzy electric guitar, energetic drum patterns, and a warm bassline. As Breadcouch begins singing of the continuous cycles humans endure, he also touches on how we never really change; we might want to, but the drive to make changes doesn't seem to prevail when needed. Breadcouch's bars and vocals are highly melodic, as he bounces over the beat with his unique delivery and ends the song off on a sweet note.

Reaching the last track of the album with "Ode to a Former Self," the song begins with airy synths and a mid-tempo drum beat. As Breadcouch starts singing of his past self and the growth he's encountered, we must note the incredible lyrical messages that Breadcouch has captured within this project. While he continues to rap passionately about his long journey through life, the serene production offers the cinematic appeal of a choir through countless layered ghost vocals haunting the track, similar to how Breadcouch's past continues to linger. He ends the song off on more of a spoken word approach, reminding listeners that we are our most powerful allies.

Through thick and thin, Breadcouch has surfaced to release his intense lyrical album 'Canyon Lake Tapes,' while fueling the project with smooth Lo-Fi production, organic instrumentals, and vast lyrical messages that empower listeners to reach for the stars.

We love each aspect of your versatile and dynamic album, 'Canyon Lake Tapes.' What was your initial goal for the album? What sort of concept did you have in mind when beginning to formulate the album? 'Canyon Lake Tapes' came together organically - I didn't go in with the intent of making an album. However, there have been a lot of changes in my life recently, and I noticed that a lot of the songs I was creating worked together to establish a theme of progression. I tried to use those songs to show a journey of progression both on a macro and a micro-scale.

What inspired you to write twelve in-depth songs for "Canyon Lake Tapes" that inspire the listener? What pushed you to take on this inspirational and motivational route? Earlier this year I quit my job with the intent of traveling around the country and doing a sort of informal tour. Then COVID hit and shot those plans. I moved to Canyon Lake, TX, to stay with family, and I wrote these songs while living there. The recent change and turmoil in this world inspired the creation of this album, and I hope that it can inspire even one person out there to do what they want and not what they're told. We've noticed that you had various artists and producers come on board to help execute your album, "Canyon Lake Tapes." What was it like collaborating with them, and how did you manage to achieve your vision when working together? It was awesome working with other people! Erth Werm was the first artist I worked with - we met via Instagram - and he has proven to be a great guy and friend, and you may hear more from us later. I met Millie Gibson through Treble and found her jazzy RnB vibe wicked cool and we were lucky enough to collab. I met Dajamah on Reddit - he cooks up amazing Lofi beats, and I had to cop one. Soup the Fifth the Master Plan and Well Treated are both parts of a group, Supa Friends, out of Madison, WI that invited me to my first open mic and got me into performing. They undoubtedly changed my life for the better, and it was an honor to be able to work with them. All of these collaborations were done across the country during a global pandemic which is so unbelievably wicked. It was a blast working with everybody and all of our creative energy definitely meshed together. It always felt like we were working together for a common goal. Throughout your album "Canyon Lake Tapes," we can't help but notice hints of artists like Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, and others. Did you have these creators in mind when formulating your album? Y,o thank you!! Childish and Mac are two of my favorite artists and people who I look up to. I think their music speaks to me a lot, so it's only natural that some of those sounds have bled through. I try to just make whatever feels right at the moment.

Seeing as there are plenty of personal and emotional songs on "Canyon Lake Tapes," is there a song that speaks to you the most? Which track is your favorite, and why? My favorite track is Majin Buu (feat. Soup the Fifth the Master Plan). Soup and I wanted to make a nostalgic song, so I whipped up a rainy, chilled cow esque beat and let the music inside. I think we both got pretty emotional and raw. Also, Soup's verse is one of the highlights of the whole project.