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Chelsea Lyn Meyer Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve in, "MISS ME TOO"

From Lehigh Valley, PA, the alt-rock artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Chelsea Lyn Meyer releases a hearty and punchy single fuelled with boundless emotion entitled "MISS ME TOO."

Beginning her music career as the guitarist, songwriter, and charismatic frontwoman of the original pop-punk band 2AM, Chelsea Lyn Meyer was able to clearly establish a creative foundation that would lead her to numerous opportunities and endeavors. After 2AM disbanded, Chelsea Lyn Meyer began honing in on her craft as a solo singer-songwriter and recording artist while navigating her own unique sound.

Recently releasing her flavorful and emotionally-rich single, "MISS ME TOO," Chelsea Lyn Meyer also released an in-depth music video for the hit, which takes viewers through the trials and tribulations of lost love. Regarding the single itself, Chelsea Lyn Meyer leaves us at the edge of our seats with her thrilling instrumentation and powerful vocal stylings.

Elaborating on the single, "MISS ME TOO," the listening experience kicks off with a blistering array of electric guitars, punk-infused drum breaks, and a sweltering bassline that paves the way for Chelsea Lyn Meyer's emotionally charged performance. As she begins to expand on missing someone with all her heart, Chelsea Lyn Meyer sinks further into reflection while describing the complicated themes that their relationship, unfortunately, had to offer.

We can't get enough of the song's dense and heightened emotion, as it allows any listener to think back to better times with someone special and close to their heart. As Chelsea Lyn Meyer and the blazing instrumentals carry us towards the outro, she ends the song on a deep note of introspection and endless passion.

Don't miss out on Chelsea Lyn Meyer's punchy and passionate latest single, "MISS ME TOO," and prepare your ears for her forthcoming release, "What You're Doing To Me," set for release on August 27th, 2021.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Chelsea Lyn Meyer. What an enthralling and relatable single you've released with "MISS ME TOO." Was there a particular moment or experience that inspired you to release your emotions via song and create this powerhouse and emotional anthem?

Thank you! Yes. I wrote "MISS ME TOO" about my own feelings of being alone in my relationship. I just really felt that I was physically alone a lot and even when I wasn't, I felt as though I was invisible. Like I was living with a person who no longer could see me, hear me, or even knew that I existed. "MISS ME TOO" was me finally expressing that and saying how I missed how things used to be and our relationship but I didn't feel that same emotion in return.

What was it like working with producer Michael Wuerth when creating the production and tone for "MISS ME TOO?" How did he help execute the sound and feel you had in mind?

First of all, Mike is amazing. He has this incredible talent for being able to pick up on what I'm trying to express through my songs and the feeling I want for each song then really bringing it to life. It's such a good feeling to work with a producer who just "gets it", so you can go in with an acoustic guitar, play the song and describe what you hear in your head, then have them be able to make it a reality and add their own touch. I have full trust in Mike as a producer and I feel that same trust in turn from him as an artist. Being able to have that and collaborate is really special.

Was it challenging to reach back into your memories and write such emotional and vulnerable lyricism for "MISS ME TOO?" Did you face any personal challenges when writing your words?

It was absolutely challenging. "MISS ME TOO" is probably one of the most honest songs I've ever written, so it's incredibly personal to me. To tap into those moments in time that I generally try to ignore or forget, then not only write and record a song about them but make a music video too, made all those feelings so real and raw. It was very validating but I'd be lying if I said it didn't sting a little. I think the biggest challenge I faced when writing the lyrics was keeping the honesty and not worrying about what anyone else would think about my side of the story I was telling. Sometimes it's hard not to write something then think "I can't say that. That will hurt someone or piss someone off" or "what will people think if they know that". I constantly questioned myself when writing these lyrics but really stuck to my gut and told my story as I saw it, and as honestly as possible.

What sort of scenes of moments did you want to capture within your music video for "MISS ME TOO"? How does the music video amplify and emphasize the song's lyrical theme?

I actually already had a rough vision of the story and scenes I wanted to see in the music video for "MISS ME TOO" while I was still writing the song. A good friend of mine, Chris Sheeran, do almost all of my visuals so I sent him the song and gave him my ideas on the story I wanted to tell from showing life at home, then the live performance scenes, the scene of getting attention elsewhere while out at a live performance, and ending back at home just screaming to be seen by my partner. Chris has an insane amount of talent for storytelling and really capturing my visions. He took what I described and laid out the whole storyline and really added his own touch while directing and shooting to help the viewer feel what I'm feeling in the video and when listening to the song. I think my favorite scene is at the end when I'm just screaming/singing into my partner's face because you can just feel the hurt and disappointment when there's no reaction. Just the way that whole scene was shot expresses so much.

What should we expect from your forthcoming release, "What You're Doing To Me?" Will you bring another hearty and emotionally rich pop-punk banger to the table this time around?

"What You're Doing To Me" is going to be a fun one. Definitely a pop-punk banger and so upbeat! It's one of those songs that just makes you want to scream along to it while driving around with your windows down...or maybe dance around in your room playing air guitar in your underwear. I'm psyched to finally be able to share it and see people rocking out to it however they please!

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