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Chippass is Focused on Creating what Truly Represents Himself as an Artist

The rappers in the Bay Area are known to speak their own language and Chippass is following along this path and we love it!

Chippass prides himself on not following the current trends but by sticking to content that truly represents his keen sense of wit. When creating Chippass pulls on inspiration from the books he reads, battle rap, cinema, and sports, typically he uses these muses to write about what he observes.

In his latest release “Bluitt,” he showcases a hard-hitting tone balances with his honest words of wisdom to get a strong message across to the listeners.

Throughout 2020 Chippass has been able to stay self-motivated and was able to keep doing things that kept him going. This year allowed Chippass to do some great things, as was able to slow down and gather more information on other things to talk about.

Be on the lookout for more words of wisdom to come from Chippass in 2021.

You can learn more about him here.



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