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David Diaz Asks Needed Questions In "Is Anybody There?"

Making waves with his 80s-inspired sound and introspective lyrics is David Diaz, broadening his discography even further with a new lonely-wanderer single, "Is Anybody There?."

David Diaz is known to effortlessly evoke sensations and thoughts of nostalgia with each piece, and his nearly-one-million streams would agree. Often compared to acts like Sam Smith, Diaz's Julia Michaels and Sasha Alex Sloan-influenced tunes never fail to shy away from exploring 80s film and culture with a dash of philosophy.

Taking listeners into yet another mystical sonic journey is David Diaz's recent hit, "Is Anybody There?." This introspective and emotional piece comes packed with rich and glimmering production to enhance the entire listening experience. In this tune, we experience another vulnerable and deeply relatable piece from David Diaz that's literally music to the ears.

Entering the planes of "Is Anybody There?" the song softly opens with spacious synths that lift the foreground while sparkling keys come raining down alongside expansive background pads. The 80s synthpop drums start kicking through our speakers to pave the way for David Diaz's heartfelt and animated performance, singing an ode to the confused, the lonely, and those who can't trust others.

This song is incredibly lush; it chills the bone with this harmonious ambiance that radiates pure emotion and vulnerability. The song's soothing sonics, paired with David Diaz's heartfelt and emotional performance, make for one of the most honest sonic experiences we've graced this year. We're sure any listener will appreciate Diaz's ability to make the audience feel welcomed, seen, and heard.

Travel into the sonic and lyrical depths of David Diaz's latest single, "Is Anybody There?" now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, David Diaz. We're pleased to feature your latest emotion-evoking single, "Is Anybody There?." What inspired your introspective and honest lyrics in this piece?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me again. Initially, the main inspiration was when I was sitting down at a restaurant one day. I think it was a place called Miller's Ale House that I frequent here in Orlando, and I remember I was ordering, and it was taking forever. I got so anxious and indecisive that I even noticed it. I became highly self-aware and felt like everyone was waiting on me to make the most difficult decision of my life. I felt so much pressure, and I'd never felt that way before, and I was like, okay, this is a problem. I need to write about it.

So, I wrote the song in a way where no one would think that it was about me sitting at a restaurant feeling anxious about deciding what to get on a fucking menu. Honestly, being indecisive has been a massive problem for most of my life. I have a tough time choosing between things, whether they're big or small. And, you know, it's something I need to learn to grow out of and get over. That situation encouraged me to reflect and be like, okay, this is something I need to change.

How did you want the sonics and production in "Is Anybody There?" to make listeners feel? What sort of experience did you aim to give them?

My main focus was the sonic experience of the fans while listening and for them to visualize the emotions the sounds stimulated. I wanted the song to have a very spacey ambient sound, evoking feelings of loneliness, confusion, and longing, which initially inspired the track. Especially with those synths at the beginning and the reverb on my vocal that creates a sense of depth. I'm also obsessed with the production of the intro. My producer, Nightwave, did such a fantastic job. He killed it. Once I wrote and recorded the vocals, it all just synced.

Did you face any personal or emotional challenges when buckling down and creating such a vulnerable song as "Is Anybody There?"

Yeah, honestly, making this song was a very reflective experience, and a lot of personal growth and realization came out of it. Even though the song's concept was born from something as silly as my indecisiveness with menus, it showed me how I truly need to learn to trust myself more and stop relying so much on other people to make my decisions. It's amusing now because it's not something that has completely taken over my life, but I don't want to wait until it gets to that point, you know? Eventually, I want to develop a healthy sense of confidence in my choices and learn to be okay when or if I make choices that result in undesired outcomes. I'm working on it.

Writing this song also made me think about my fundamental view of life and how it has no inherent meaning. A thing has meaning because we decide it does, not because it's inherently meaningful. So, in a way, remembering that was a crucial step in realizing how much control I have over everything in my life and that my fear of choosing is something I can overcome. It's funny, though. People judge me harshly for this view of life, but I don't care. I'm too busy eating burritos to give even half a fuck. Like, sorry! I'm just out here taking responsibility for myself and my actions!

We're lucky to say that we've been able to watch you evolve as an artist, and quite impressively. What are you doing to propel your career forward and further develop your craft?

Thank you! That's so sweet. And honestly, I love getting interviewed by you guys. It's so much fun to be able to do this. But, yeah, I'm just always finding ways to do something differently. Staying in the same place isn't a healthy way to do things, even if something's working for you. There's no growth in that. There's always a different perspective. There's always another way to come at something, which I consistently push myself to do. There isn't a single aspect of ourselves that can't be grown, developed, or nurtured. I also try to be self-aware and have people around me who will hold me accountable and want me to grow. I don't have time for jealousy, pettiness, or drama. I'm here to win, and I'm here to see everyone around me win; failure is part of the process, but it's all about how you decide to react.

It's challenging in the music industry, where people only care about what they can gain from someone. To an extent, I understand it, but, you know, when it comes to growth and success, I prioritize genuine relationships with upstanding people. That's the real deal. Those are the people that I want to keep around me, to help me become the absolute best version of myself that I can be. I'm working on it every single day.

What's next for you?

Besides needing a long-ass vacation, I have a lot planned! There are a bunch of songs I'm finishing up as we speak, and I'm so excited for everyone to hear them finally. The sound will be somewhat similar to what I'm doing now, but I'm experimenting with different things! I'm trying not to get stuck in a specific genre because I'm not too fond of labels. They're so fucking restrictive. I just want to make music, godammit! Subject-wise, my new stuff will go into more personal territory. I reveal some things about me and my life that many people don't know. It's more vulnerable and honest than anything else I've put out. I'm really looking forward to everything coming down the line.


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