Dive Into a Tale “About a Boy,” With Crystal McGrath

Multifaceted musician, activist, podcast host, and inspirational influencer Crystal McGrath has a passion for connecting with people and creating an outlet for their stories to be shared.

Living by poet John Greenleaf Whittier’s poem Don’t Quit, she takes the words, ‘And you never can tell just how close you are, It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, It's when things seem worst that you must not quit,’ and applies them to her art in a way that inspires herself and others.

As we tackle the raw and authentic artistry of Crystal McGrath’s latest single, “About a Boy,” we hear how the organic essence of country music propels through the spectrum of Pop ballads in a prominent manner.

Fitting into a unique lane that fuses together genuine emotion with thought-provoking substance, Crystal McGrath has us all feasting upon a carefully crafted resonance that instills a deep sense of comfort and fluency. The blend of delicately placed words through the verses has us fueled with passion by the time we reach the explosive showcase she disburses through the spellbinding allure of the chorus.

The narrative that stems from the brilliantly derived record tells a story of a confident girl who still longs for the connection from a relationship and finds herself distracted with the memories of her past.

Playing upon her ability to reign in a crowd with the intimately sculpted lyrical motifs that paint illustrations with power and conviction, Crystal McGrath’s soothing timbres wrap us in a blanket of assurance as she gracefully lets us slip into the sonically charged waves of “About a Boy.”

As Crystal McGrath has us in her reach while she executes her story, the impact of relatability is one that becomes us in a supreme way.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Crystal McGrath, and congratulations on the release of “About a Boy.” We admire how you use a blend of gently and prevalent tracked vocals in order to take us through the motions of this single. How long did it take you to create something so strong in how it presents itself?

The recording process of this song took 2 studio days recording with the band and then recording vocals! There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into the production, mixing, and mastering! It is always a fun experience recording the song and then hearing the progression through the mixes that get passed back and forth to the final master! It was also the most bizarre recording experience with all of us keeping our distance and wearing masks! There were no celebratory high 5's or hugs doing a pandemic recording! Compared to previously released records heard in your music catalog, how would you say “About a Boy,” fits in and stands out? I would say this song is a perfect blend of country and pop representing who I am as an artist today! I love that this song is in alignment with the current sound I want to share with the world, it truly is a cool feeling when you find a song that you feel represents your brand and identity. I feel as though my releases have been a continuous progression and feel proud to say that with each release the quality keeps getting stronger! How has your headspace adapted from the time of creation to this present moment? Do you feel this song has brought you closure? I feel the excitement with releasing music, for so long you spend working on the craft and development of the tune and to be able to share that with the world is a feeling of freedom and expansion! How do you manage to stay creative and come up with captivating content as an artist?

I find that keeping my mindset clear through meditation and movement really helps keep me in a good creative zone! I also find that cleaning any clutter around me helps me tap into creativity!! The other outlet is doing other creative things like painting or coloring helps reset the creativity if I am ever feeling stumped!

What's next for you? Stay tuned for a new single in the fall followed by a new EP in 2022!! Excited to share these new songs with everyone!

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