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Elyse is "running out" of Reasons to Stay

From the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, the pop artist, and singer-songwriter Elyse introduces us to her forthcoming 5-track EP with its powerful lead single entitled "running out."

Currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Elyse is excited to embark on her music career and share her many talents with the public. Inspired by powerful women in pop/r&b like Ariana Grande, Ava Max, and Zara Larrson, Elyse is eager to let listeners into her creative world through her forthcoming 5-track EP.

Leading up to the project, Elyse returns with its lead single and her sophomore release, "running out." Expanding on the single itself, Elyse offers an intensely similar performance style and charm to her inspiration Ariana Grande, as Elyse's harmonious vocals and powerful melisma serve all the vocal pleasure we can find in modern-day pop.

Getting to the goods, the single "running out" opens with Elyse's bright and calming vocal portrayal, singing of her fluctuating emotions within a troubled relationship while navigating her way through the hardships. As the sonics begin to swell with plucky synth arrangements and a surreal string section, we're later met with a crisp drum breakdown and Elyse's powerful message.

While she reminds listeners to refrain from overcomplicating a relationship through unnecessary trials and tribulations, Elyse continues to touch on how she's running out of reasons to stay. Throughout the entirety of this single, we're more than impressed with Elyse's sugary vocals and powerful emotion, not to mention her impeccable vocal layering; the track truly offers all the depth and passion that we crave during these lonesome times.

Join Elyse on her journey to clarity with help from her relatable and savory pop single, "running out," and keep your eyes and ears peeled for Elyse's forthcoming 5-track EP later this year.

Hello Elyse, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your sophomore single, "running out." When did you begin creating this track, and what inspired you to do so?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! I started working on this track with producer Modslee during the summer of 2020 after having a conversation with a friend who felt that their relationship was completely one-sided. They felt as if their partner already had one foot out the door and were leaning towards giving up. That’s how this song came about!

We genuinely feel a solid connection with your relatable lyricism in "running out." What did you want your audience to feel and take away from this single?

I wanted the audience to really feel that tension when you love someone so much but you can’t tell if that person is the right fit for you or if that relationship is really worth it. It’s supposed to be a song about someone who’s struggling internally and I wanted the audience to feel that conflict.

Why did you want to release your single, "running out," before your forthcoming EP? How does the single prepare us for the entire project?

“running out” is the first single of five I’m going to be releasing over the next couple of months; we started with this one because we felt that it was such a strong option. We loved the chill yet upbeat vibe the song has and felt like it’d be a great option to start with. All the songs on the project are so different and all based on real experiences.

Seeing as you're currently studying at Berklee, what do you hope to take away from your program and apply to your budding solo career?

I’m really hoping that I can finish my degree and release my music in the coming months. I’m hoping that this is something I can do as a career for the rest of my life because I’m so passionate about it and I hope that shines through in the music. I’m just going to keep putting out music and see where it takes me!



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