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Emile Hirsch Paints Heartfelt Images In A New Single And Music Video, "My Favorite Motive"

Making waves in the alternative-pop music scene is none other than singer-songwriter and recording artist Emile Hirsch, who recently released his passionate single and music video entitled "My Favorite Motive."

The new release marks Emile Hirsch's 33rd single to date, and he's more than ready to keep the momentum going. You might have heard Emile Hirsch's emotional and compelling stylings through various Spotify playlists like License to Chill, Alt Good, and Alt Beats.

Now releasing his latest single and music video for "My Favorite Motive," the new release is the lead single off his forthcoming third studio album. The song is jam-packed with all sorts of reminiscent emotions and nostalgia, and the music video directed by Michael Polish is an equally poignant ride.

Expanding on the single, "My Favorite Motive," the tune begins with a spacey alternative keyboard melody, haunting synths, and a heavy bass-like synth. As Emile Hirsch drenches us in his passionate, emotional, and melodic vocals, he begins to touch on the trials and tribulations of turbulent love. Making his way over to the hook, a lighthearted keyboard melody begins to shine through while Emile Hirsch continues to sing of his broken, fragile heart.

Peaking at the music video for the single, the scene opens with an innocent and nostalgic game of pong over top of Emile Hirsch's distorted black and white image that begins to sing of love's emotional weight. We see several nods to classic trailblazing video games throughout the music video while Hirsch dramatically belts his emotions regarding lost and broken love.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Emile Hirsch. We adore the passion and raw emotion within your latest single, "My Favorite Motive." What inspired the song's heartfelt lyrical concept?

My Favorite Motive was inspired by past experiences I've had, like most of my songs. Past relationships, sadness, heartbreak- the emotions that everyone deals with in their ways, no matter what they are. Sometimes, I find the simplest lyrics are the most effective with songs, and this song is, in a way, kind of straightforward. The idea of relapsing in love is sort of the theme. The fear of what could happen if you open your heart again, but also the longing for that. I'm constantly trying to push myself lyrically with every song we do, going deeper and further than I have before. Not settling necessarily with a first-line, but refining and rewriting the lyrics until they feel absolutely in their right place. Sometimes you have to be careful writing such personal songs since, of course, you don't want to be too specific to where they make the song inaccessible to the listener- I want it to be specific enough to where people feel the truth of but also can apply it to their own experiences, which are much more relevant to them than my own. In a way, it is using your own experience to help illuminate people's own ones.

Was it challenging to open your heart and mind when writing your lyrics for "My Favorite Motive"? Or does your songwriting process usually flow with ease?

The video was directed by Michael Polish, who wanted to get something layered and complex the back and forth game of a relationship, the back and forth like pong can be. In dealing with a past relationship too, the nostalgic elements feel appropriate because they immediately connect people to a past era.

Why did you choose to go for such a nostalgic and video game-like visual for the "My Favorite Motive" music video?

I wish I could say I had a master plan for the music Hirsch makes. But we don't. We don't make any money or anything like that from it, certainly. We do it, mostly in the Frenchman's basement, because we love making songs. So we keep making them. We're on our third album now and don't really seem inclined to stop or slow down. We like the process, the expression, and if we're lucky enough to have a few people dig our tracks, we're more than happy.

How does "My Favorite Motive" fit into the concept and theme of your forthcoming third studio album? Why did you choose to release this song as the first single?

We chose to release this song as a single because we felt it was heartfelt in a way that a lot of our singles haven't been, they've been more energetic- like Favors, or Waterproof. This had a weight to it, but also we thought of catchy hooks and melodies that could support its merit as a single.


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