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"Endure," the Dominant and All-Powerful Voice of Sofia Evangelina

Teen R&B/Pop artist Sofia Evangelina hails from Canada and is known for her charming vocal presence.

Music has been ingrained in the life of Sofia Enganeglia since the age of three. From performing at talent shows to releasing her debut album at the young age of 14, Sofia was able to build and craft her vocal style with time and poise. Now, Sofia Evangelina releases her energetic and vocally dynamic single, "Endure," and the song will, without a doubt, spark genuine engagement.

We knew Sofia Evangelina was a powerhouse, but "Endure" only further solidifies that. Her vocals within the song are delivered in an empowered way. Her tone is full of fervorous passion and determination, which expels a quality sense of confidence. There's a very beautiful vocal play in "Endure," and Sofia Evangelina wasn't afraid to show her vocal range off--this one is really one for the books.

"Endure" had the charm it did because of Sofia Evangelina's smooth flow and her musical confidence. She goes full tilt in "Endure", not leaving any of her qualities to go unnoticed. Her phrasing in the track allowed for those determined expressions to shine, and we're left in awe with the energy she emulates as an artist. That's always the best kind of artists to find--those that create this compelling and addicting atmosphere. Their music is wanted, if not needed, and Sofia Evangelina sparks that same kind of energy.

We're waiting to see what she'll release next and how she will grow artistically following "Endure."

Welcome to BuzzMuisc Sofia Evangelina. Your voice was incredibly fitting for the tone of "Endure". As a vocal powerhouse, did you know your vocal play would be able to elevate the song in the way they did?

Thank you very much, I appreciate it! There was a lot of heart and soul poured into this song in every way, songwriting-wise, production, and of course, vocally. Early in my career, I committed to becoming a storyteller who, vocally, paints a picture with her voice, utilizing everything in my toolbox, my vocal range, tonality, and power, (or the lack of it), etc … as if they were colors. The vocal performance of ‘Endure’ came out with a lot of edges to the degree that in the booth, I went with my raw emotions and at one point blasted the EQ levels way beyond an acceptable amount (you can hear it near the end of the record). Even though that file was technically “corrupted” as our engineer put it, we actually ended up keeping that take, because no other take matched the same level of vulnerability. We took a little risk and it paid off because listeners often mention that they have chills or tears near this part of the song. I must give credit to the other wonderful people who contributed to the vocal artistry of the song, first of all to my dear friend and vocal coach, Paula Griffith who helped me craft the silhouette in the song, to my friend Naranie who contributed her chillingly beautiful BG vocals and my mom who had amazing ideas for the rendition of the song.

What type of engagement were you seeking from your listeners following the release of "Endure?"

Life can be filled with beauty and light, but sometimes life can be penetrated by darkness and hardship. We all face our own trials and tribulations and sometimes we feel alone in this fight, not knowing where we can find the strength to persevere. But we are not alone in this journey. I wanted to reach out to my listeners with this record's message, I wanted to let them know, that no matter what they go through, and how terrifying or impossible their circumstances are, they are “made for so much more”, that they have to fight for themselves and chose not to give in, find the light and with it make it to “the other side”. I hope this record will become a soundtrack to our journey through any hardship to triumph.

You've been impassioned with music ever since you could create it. Do you believe your longstanding history with music and articulating yourself as an artist has given you a certain edge as a singer/songwriter?

I guess I have been around for a hot second, and that has me feeling more “seasoned” than ever haha, but at the same time I feel almost fresh out of the womb, with so much yet to create and discover, and that excites me more than anything. I feel like this thirst for life and creation is my magic sword. Its “edge” is sharpened by a strong sense of self I’m longing for, and a clear mission. I hope that will become evident in the forthcoming music I am about to put out into the world, I hope my audience will find that my music maintains consistency in the way I see the world. While I yarn to constantly grow and evolve as an artist, it is important to maintain what makes me, “me” and always stay true to my roots.

Where are you headed from here Sofia Evangelina?

Mars. I’ve got an extra seat in the rocket! Wanna come? Haha, following ‘Endure’ we’ll be dropping 5 epic, next-level singles, that I can hardly wait to release, I’m seriously excited because they are also gonna be supported by some vivid visuals and content (a little birdie told me that they may even have overlapping story continuations…) are you ready to rumble! Also, working to put a tour schedule in place and waiting on some tour involvement confirmations.

What would you like new listeners to know about the music that you create?

I guess you could say I’m an old soul with an urban spirit and a futuristic mind.

I’m inspired by the globe and all of its culture and wonders, my music is fuelled by stories and dedicated to painting a picture for my audience. My stories are written to empower, inspire and relate, having put the human, vulnerable, and sometimes, inexplicable feelings into songs.



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