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Find Your Inner Child With MEGG's Nostalgic Single, "Summer in the South Bay"

South Bay born and raised artist MEGG drops a nostalgic and reminiscent alt-pop/reggae hit with, "Summer in the South Bay."

MEGG mentioned that the song was inspired by the day-to-day adult life and missing the good old careless days of being a child and living each summer day to the fullest. 

Known for blending pop music with SoCal punk and reggae, MEGG brings those sweet sunset moments to life with each of her songs. Consistently channeling the listener's child-like spirit with her music, her fun-loving tone and playful delivery makes for a blissful experience. Doing precisely this with "Summer in the South Bay," MEGG brings listeners into her childhood sweet escape. 

"Summer in the South Bay" opens with reggae-infused electric guitar and MEGG's muffled vocals bringing this distant and reminiscent element early on. Once the entire blissful reggae/pop beat drops, MEGG brings the atmosphere to a nostalgic one by filling the song with lyrics of her favorite summer activities during South Bay's summer. 

Her vocal delivery is incredibly sweet and clear, singing with sublime pronunciation that allows the listener to easily grasp her relatable concept. The supporting instrumentals swell to deliver the ultimate California vibe with droning electric guitars and unique drum patterns, ending the song off with the same distant yet warm feeling that it started with.

"Summer in the South Bay" brings any listener deep into a nostalgic experience with MEGG's crisp vocals delivering a compelling and heavily relatable storyline. We're more than excited to see what she comes up with next.

Hey MEGG, and a very warm welcome back to BuzzMusic. During the moment you knew you wanted to create "Summer in the South Bay," what was your initial thought towards how you wanted listeners to feel when experiencing the nostalgic single?

Honestly, I don’t think I was initially going for that nostalgic feel during the first moments I knew I wanted to write this song… I didn't really even consider the listener's experience at all! All I knew was that I was very hungover, it was a hot, beautiful day and the last thing I wanted to do was being inside - I was like daydreaming about being at the beach instead of heading to a session. On my way to the studio, while daydreaming, the melody for Summer in the South Bay came to my head as I was leaving a junk food run at the gas station, I recorded it into my voice notes and boom - when I got to the studio, I told Matias Mora (my producer) that I wanted to write a song dedicated to summer in my hometown and the rest was history! I think once we got to the second verse lyrics, we knew this was going to feel very nostalgic and almost like a memory that catapulted Matias’ magical brain into adding a pedal steel guitar sound to the chorus and truthfully, the feeling we were looking for just happened.

Seeing as your single "Summer in the South Bay" triggers instant nostalgia, how did you create such an organic and pure atmosphere that easily brings out the listener's inner child?

I’m so glad that comes across!! I think the organic and pureness comes from the fact that we wanted the track to be simple and the production to feel genuine in my experience. We pulled inspiration from the music I listened to as a kid in the summer and the music I listen to now as an adult in the summer giving you that current familiar with that nostalgic feel. Not to mention, when we were writing it - our heads were in a very childlike and reminiscent place while remembering summer as a kid which I think contributes majorly to the over feel and atmosphere of the song.

Regarding the lyrical content within your single "Summer in the South Bay," did you have to take any physical trips down memory lane in order to bring your lyricism to life?

Nah, those memories are so clear to me, it was just a matter of scribbling all the visual memories down and really taking myself to my 13-year-old memories and mindset. Summers in my hometown as a kid will forever be burned into my brain, those were some of the best days of my life! 

We've heard that "Summer in the South Bay" is the second single off your upcoming EP releasing this fall. Does the single storyline tie in with the EP's overall concept? What can you tell us about the upcoming project?

Not really, no. The new EP is one giant melting pot of all my favorite kinds of music and songwriting and the high highs and low lows of my diary. The songs are either super chill and moody or real hype and aggressive lol - kinda like me? There isn’t really an overall storyline to the new EP, it’s just my silly brain and wild experiences all wrapped up in song form.

What is one main goal that you'd like to achieve with your music by the of the year?

I think the biggest goal I’d like to achieve with my music by the end of the year is to put me back on the map. After taking an unintentional break from music for a few years, it’s important for me to get new music out and keep the creative juices flowing. Hoping to squeeze in another little batch of music after this EP before the new year, we’ll see!



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