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FireBug Reveal Their Artistic Strength In Rock-Rooted Single, “No Return”

Joshua Tree, known professionally as FireBug, has garnered quite a reputation for her seasoned artistic experience. With tons of fire to spew, FireBug is all about delivering those powerful, feel-good, flavourful rock-inspired performances. You'll never be bored during a FireBug track, that's one thing we can guarantee.

The latest stimulating experience that FireBug unleashes onto her listeners was titled "No Return." Her song was released alongside a music video, which was fully able to capture the essence of FireBug's soul-chilling vocal display. She sings along to the narrative of our current time, exploring the many perspectives of the decade and progressing forward with each lyric.

Fusing old-school aspects of the classic/psychedelic rock scene, FireBug has collected a true array of influence over time from many people on different walks of life. The hope for "No Return" was to allow the record to resonate with as many listeners as possible, as the band was simply wanting to uplift their audience.

Whether you go on your mental journey whilst listening to "No Return," or you're simply just vibing along, FireBug will definitely surprise you with their punchy words and eccentric production.

Check out the full BuzzMusic article on FireBug and their single, "No Return," here.


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