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Get Lost With KC In "Hyperion"

Independent recording artist KC currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, where he curates the very eccentric stylings he prides himself to release to his world of listeners.

KC has always been an artist who wants to blossom individuality within every listener he manages to captivate. He's always been an expressive artist who says his truth, an incredibly honest and authentic part of him.

Creating music with the intention of it being a safe space for listeners, KC has a clear goal in mind of what he wants to use his platform for. Every track he releases not only displays his abilities of KC artistically but also displays personal and vulnerable pieces of him to the music world. One of his most recent exposing works: is "Hyperion."

"Hyperion" opens itself up with a very soft and humble sound. Soon after, KC's voice penetrates through the underlying beat, unfolding itself in its full grace right away. There's an inner level of harmony to KC's voice that is easily noticeable once listening to "Hyperion." He ensures a smooth and collective execution regarding vocal delivery and embeds some notable dark and mystic features into the track.

One aspect we have to note about the way KC vocally performs is the assorted melody present within his voice. He's able to accentuate listeners' experiences with a performance that offers more than one predominant expression throughout the song.

"Hyperion" didn't just make us feel one way--we felt a multitude of ways while appreciating the experience alongside KC. Hopefully, 2020 sees more eccentric elements from KC.



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