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Get Up and Dance With Malexes in Upbeat Track "Thinking It Over"

German music producer Malexes is here to showcase his thriving and rejuvenating House/Pop music. As a 25-year old artist, Malexes creates contemporary pieces of work.  He has found ways to regenerate his sound and draw in any inspiration he can to atypical songs and sounds.  His goals are ambitious.  Malexes continues to show his vigor and motivation to increase his potential.  Malexes has been in the music scene for years, only recently dabbling in creating his music. With his 2020 album to debut in March, Malexes leaves listeners with much to anticipate! His latest accomplishment, "Thinking It Over" is only a sliver of what Malexes has to offer listeners, but it's a sliver we're willing to take.

Malexes’ recent release, "Thinking It Over" mixes vivacious melodies with an atmospheric production. Malexes gives listeners the chance to feel a rush of positivity. His sound in "Thinking It Over" houses an array of genre components, which is what we think makes Malexes' sound all the more enthralling. The chosen vocalism in "Thinking It Over" compliments the dramaticism that the production holds, and gives way to the overall gallant fervor presented within the song.  His smooth execution is what allows his music to become so memorable.  We hope Malexes brings more of his impressive talent to the music industry in the future.

Listen to Malexes' "Thinking It Over" here.


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